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Travel Bitcoin to Fund Your Travel Dreams

One of the biggest obstacles to travel for many who read my stories is the claim that they can’t afford to live their travel dream. I say that where there is a will, there is a way. If your travel dream truly matters — you can find a way to fund it. In many countries, […]

If You’re Not Getting Jobs As a Motivational Speaker, Ask Yourself These Questions

Why Am I Not Getting Any Bookings As A Motivational Speaker? The business of motivational speaking is very complicated. Or so it seems. I would suggest that it’s actually very simple, just not easy to do. Even though the economic world has shifted, and the way we got business five years ago isn’t the same […]

8 Ways to be Thankful on Such a Thankful Thursday

Each Thursday, I share positive ideas to help you move your life in the direction you see on the days that you are being kind to yourself. I’ve called them, “Thankful Thursdays” as a reminder that you can move through anything in life with a grateful heart. Gratitude releases the hold that angst can have […]

How Judgement is Hurting Your Self-Esteem

I’m going to eat my words. Words I have preached over the last ten years from self-esteem seminars to television. Words I based on studies and many statistics from The Beauty Myth which has since been admitted to have overstated the statistics. I’ve been placing the fashion industry and media at the top of my […]

Finding Happiness in Big Sky Country

I’m lucky to be spending the week in Big Sky Country. Here in Montana, in the land of wide open fields and ranches at the foot of snow-capped mountains, where tall husky men with thick beards, wool hats and plaid flannel frequent the dark bars, and where the men outnumber the women, I’m visiting my […]

Thanksgiving Blessing: May You Fall in Love with Your Work

This week is Thanksgiving time in the U.S. and every year I use this time for reflection and I stop to ask myself, “Who do you want to become next year?” and “What do you need to love more in order to transcend from where you are?” Some years it seems like I’m stuck in […]

Get Fit Over 40 By Hiring a Coach

Ask any successful person and they will tell you that along the way, someone was coaching them, mentoring their progress along the way. It may be as simple as a regular phone call, or occasional face-to-face meetings, but odds are their success is due to someone else kicking their butt. Dreaming means we need to […]