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Thankful Thursday: Be Thankful for Pain While Living Your Dreams

This past week, I’ve been back visiting family and friends in Capetown, South Africa. It’s been wonderful to see everyone, but part of this trip brings with it a great deal of pain as I am losing both my grandparents, it would seem, at the same time. I have visited them with my mother — […]

Therapeutic Photography: Dreaming of Colorado Fall Foliage

The first two weeks of October were spent on a whirlwind trip to Colorado. I had so many bookings, I did not think I would be able to photograph the lovely Colorado Fall foliage. I was lucky enough to have an architectural shoot on a Colorado Timberframe custom home up in the mountains near Black […]

Happiness in Reinventing Ourselves on Halloween and Beyond

Last weekend, I headed down to New York City from upstate New York for some Halloween festivities in the big city. There is nothing quite like Halloween in NYC! It made me think about the possibility of reinventing ourselves on Halloween, or anytime that we want to make shifts in our lives.

Discover Your Online Fortune When You Read the Comments

There are many reasons why I challenge dreamers to work on their own blogs for showcasing their big dream, but mostly, I enjoy being a pain-in-the-ass. Kidding.  OK … sort-of. I am a pain about this because dreamers don’t understand how the world participates in their success. Here on 8 Women Dream I write about […]

Dreaming Big Requires the Best Duck Stuffing Recipe

For all my celebrity chef dreamers out there, this post serves as a reminder that the holidays are just around the corner. It’s the perfect time for budding chefs with big culinary dreams to experiment in the kitchen and discover some new flavors. Nothing will make your holiday more special than creating your own best […]

10 Ways To Deal With Workplace Jealousy: What Does She Have That I Don’t Have?

High School All Over Again We all experienced it in high school – the cliques that unwillingly defined our lives. Many of us spent a lot of time and energy either working to maintain our elite status, struggling to cover up the qualities that made us glaringly different from the norm, or trying to get an invitation […]

Thankful Thursday: Create a Daily Gratitude Journal

Happy Thankful Thursday dreamers! This week, I have much to be thankful for. As you read this I am going home to Capetown for a visit. I am always grateful for the opportunity to visit with family and old friends. If you remember last week, I shared images and thoughts from attending Oprah’s conference in […]

Five ways to feel beautiful now

I’ve recently entered the dating pool after divorce and am struggling to look at my body objectively without putting myself down. Below are five things I’m doing to help feel confident about my body NOW. I’m trying with equal parts skepticism and optimism. I thought this would be a breeze but writing an online […]

World on Fire: Living with Passion, Pleasure and Purpose

The autumn leaves are on fire with red, gold and orange, and I am beginning a class for women about Setting the World on Fire: Living with Passion, Pleasure and Purpose. Living with passion is how I roll, and has been for years. I have followed my instincts to create a life that is full […]