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How To Get 6 Pack Abs and Other Dream Fitness Myths

The dream fitness myth I would love to kill off once and for all is the myth that you can spot reduce any part of your body. The idea that regardless of our body shape, size, fat percentage or fitness level, that you can magically shrink that one body part that annoys you and turn […]

Top Blog Dream: Get Rid of Personal Resistance Once and For All

In case you haven’t noticed, the 8 Women Dream website is undergoing a face lift and the face lift requires web coding design time. That is, design time by me. And I’ve suddenly discovered that I hate “design time.” This new revelation popped up on my conscious radar when making the switch from Woo Themes […]

Moving from Fear to Fire is to Be a Happy Celebrity Chef

I used to wonder what life was like for celebrity chefs. We had quite a few of them back in New Orleans, Louisiana. But seven years ago, after surviving Hurricane Katrina and moving to Northern California with my two cats, Yin and Yang.  I left everyone and everything that I knew back in New Orleans […]

Why Attend a Travel Blogging Conference?

Welcome to Travel Saturday. Today I want to talk about one my goals for 2013 as a travel blogger, which was to attend a travel blogger conference. I had high expectations of being able to achieve this dream because relocating back to the United Kingdom meant I would be able to afford to attend the […]

Motivational Speaker Tips: Do You Sell From The Platform?

Motivational Keynote speakers make money by delivering their message in many ways beyond that one-hour keynote speech. We sell books, CDs, DVDs, Box Sets, Workbooks, Webinars, Coaching, Consulting, and anything else that involves our message or our brand. Sometimes the speaker makes more money (if not all their money) from back-of-the-room product sales than their actual fee. […]

Thankful Thursday: Dream Lessons from My Grandmother

It’s Spring over here in Pretoria, a city in the northern part of Gauteng Province of South Africa. It’s hot, humid and beautiful. My thankful Thursday dream lesson for this week is that I am trying my best to be thankful for change. Someone once told me that moving and starting life over is the […]

Dreamy Natural Light Family Photography

My dream of therapeutic photography can only be reached if I grow and learn to use all kinds of lighting. My achilles heel is natural light photography. I’m quite comfortable in the studio and have been working to create dreamy natural light photography. We had a new family come to the farm for portraits. They have […]

Happy Life Dream: Fighting for Our Joy

She grew up without electricity or running water on a hippie commune, with a father who was abusive, who had a cult following, and who has been compared to Charles Manson.

She taken away for child abuse put in foster homes. She was a ward of the state who didn’t go to school until the 4th grade.

Fitness Challenge: Ride 35 Miles for a Great Cause

After 3 years of watching cyclists of all levels take off at our local Le Tour de Fuzz bike ride, I had to join in on the fun. Every year in September, the very organized and well received ride takes place in our Sonoma wine country. I have attended the race as an assistant photographer/tag […]