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Travel dreams when it’s back to school

This week sees a very significant milestone in the life of my Wandering Kiwi family. This week Little Miss Wandering Kiwi starts school. The ‘back to school’ period is significant for many families. But in some ways the biggest impact for us is that this week my family starts what could well be a long […]

How The Internet Took Me From The Chorus Line To The Spotlight of Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking Isn’t Just About Being a Great Speaker – It’s About Letting Them Know You Are Here I am not an expert at sales, marketing, branding, and the like. If I had known way back then that I would be in the business of motivational speaking now, I would have taken a lot more […]

8 Aha Moments That Make You a Big Dreamer

“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now” ~Goethe Being a dreamer is definitely walking the road less traveled.  The road often begins with one or several (if you aren’t paying attention) “Aha” moments where you realize that you can’t conform to the […]

Photographer Dreams of Surviving Burnout

This blog is about far more than just surviving burnout. It’s about choosing new equipment. It’s about letting your mind and body rest to recharge your creative spirit. I did not plan on writing this blog, but over the past week I’ve found myself overcome by the need to “see” through my creative eye for […]

5 People I look to for Joy Inspiration

I promised myself that this summer would be “epic” as that is a theme word for 2013 for me. And much of the year has been just that, especially when it comes to travel and dance: dancing at Lincoln Center in NYC, up-all-night dancing in Albany, NY, and some incredible West Coast and Florida travel […]

Dream iPhone Apps for Triathletes

Your iPhone is a bigger assistant to your fitness than you may think. Fitness and training iPhone apps have taken it to the next level by not only tracking your workouts, but helping you train and improve your own results. My next step of my own personal goal is just 2 stort weeks away. The […]

Feeling Stuck? Here’s 8 Good Questions to Answer

When it comes to working your dream, are you feeling stuck? Has your creativity flown south for the winter? Are you now stuck in the mental space where you simply can’t take the next step? Trust me, I’ve been there — lived that. And I know what to do when you’re feeling stuck. First, you […]

Making Something From Nothing: 8 Years After Hurricane Katrina

Lately I’ve found myself completely distracted from my writing practice. I’ve been in a strange space that I don’t quite know how to define.  Culinary work has shifted from just being a private chef cooking for clients in spectacular homes to preparing dishes for clients riding in jets. I am also meeting with new potential […]

How I Keep Track Of My Material As A Motivational Speaker

A Motivational Speaker Must Have An Extensive Portfolio of Material Gone are the days of getting by on one speech. Motivational Speakers must be constantly preparing, memorizing, and taking new material to the stage. Sometimes we’re asked to speak for hours at a time. My longest speaking gig without a break was 4 hours. That’s a […]