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Saying Goodbye to a Dream

Saying goodbye to a dream is scary when you don’t know what’s coming next. Even if you’ve tried to plan and picture what the changes will look like, you don’t know until you live it. For everyone in the beginning, middle or end of a life change. This blog is for you. Whether you’ve ended […]

Joyful Adventures: A Night in the Bioluminescent Bay

“Some 4,000 years ago a band of Archaic Indians worshiped the gods of this bay, who provide food by day and green fire at night. Today visitors come not to worship but to marvel at Mosquito Bay, and to swim in its eerily glowing waters after dark. That’s when the gods — tiny bioluminescent organisms […]

Does Trying a New Fitness Class Scare You?

You watch from the sidelines, waiting to jump into the game, but something stops every time. If you’ve had this feeling, whether it’s trying a new fitness genre or walking into a new gym, keep reading. Into all dreams, fear must tread. Myself and many of the dreamers believe that if you aren’t a little […]

What Should Motivational Speakers Wear On Stage?

Forget the speech – what do I wear? For every hour I spend on my speech, I spend three hours figuring out what to wear. Yes, I’m that kind of woman. But I think that what you wear is just as important as what you say. For motivational speakers, what we wear is part of our […]

Some Dreams Are Miracles

Some dreams are miracles. It’s hard to dream of something that might not happen. To want it with every fiber of your being. Parenthood is a dream that many people achieve without trying. For some it’s unexpected. For others it takes a long time. My dear friend and her wonderful husband have been trying to […]

Your Dream Is Waiting Right Outside Your Comfort Zone

How many of you have reached outside of your comfort zone recently? How did you feel? Probably a bit nervous, scared, uncomfortable. The reality of being able to achieve our dreams take stepping out into the unknown, and through fear. Fear is a great way to confirm you are on track with growth. Are you […]

Culinary Dreams: Do Not Give Up On What Moves and Excites You

Talk about moving your dreams moving along at a rapid pace… I am in the midst of living some culinary dreams that I didn’t even realize that I had while I am in the midst of moving to a new home. I can’t wait to tell you about everything, but I will say this right […]

8 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Bloggers and website owners can be a pretty egotistical bunch. Trust me I know. They We often begin a website with the naive belief that because something we love has been placed online it will naturally attract traffic, attention, and critical acclaim. The belief is that you just hit publish … and POOF … traffic magic happens […]

8 Top Travel Photos from Around the World

I’m leaving you with the top 8 travel photos from around the world while I am off spending another lovely day in Northern Ireland, Game of thrones locations, ruined castles, and beach time with my family. Travel dreamers, while I am off on my latest travel adventure, remember to travel this week, even if it’s […]