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Life on Purpose: Quit Being Bored Once and For All

Lately, one of my dear friends has begun telling me that she’s “bored with her life.” The first time she said it I nodded and thought, “Your child just graduated from high school and is turning 18. Your job as a mom will forever shift and who knows, maybe your child will put on a […]

Funny Motivational Speaker Shares An Easy Joke Formula

One Easy Formula To Help a Funny Motivational Speaker Write Hundreds of Jokes As a motivational speaker, I spend a lot of time looking for humor and preparing it for the stage.  Writing funny stories are easy for me, but writing a joke is extremely hard for me. So I need formulas. And there’s one […]

How To Empower An Empowerment Photographer to Feel Beautiful

How to empower an empowerment photographer: make her feel pretty. A few months ago I was part of an unconventional empowering photo shoot. Normally that could mean any number of exotic and hilarious things. In this case it means my friends turned the tables on me and made me feel unexpectedly beautiful. We had planned […]

What Harvard Taught Me About Life

I recently have been in touch with Harvard classmates planning a reunion dinner in Dubai this fall, and was reflecting on all I learned while attending the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, earning my Master in Public Administration degree. What Harvard taught me about life was much more than just about the academics, much more than economics, politics, management and leadership, even though those were topics I studied.

Will Declaring Obesity a Disease Help your Weight Loss Dream?

  The American Medical Association made a surprising decision that obesity is a disease. The announcement on June 17th in Washington D.C. and will have an impact on millions of American lives. The intention was to reduce the stigmatization of those deemed overweight. This concept makes me really nervous. Let me begin with the statement […]

Successful Blog Lies: It’s Easy to Sell Products Online

I don’t know about you, but I get super-tired of listening to “Internet marketers” or people who like to say that they are Internet marketers make broad statements about how “anyone” can make money online. It’s like saying that anyone can sell used cars. The truth is that you need to learn how to sell […]

The romance of Scotland: Sir Walter Scott and Loch Katrine

Welcome to Travel Saturday. Are you ever inspired to travel by literary or dramatic art? Last weekend I was in Scotland looking on the scenes that inspired the novelist Sir Walter Scott. “Where gleaming with the setting sun, one burnished sheet of living gold, Loch Katrine lay beneath him rolled.” When Scott wrote his epic […]

Funny Motivational Speakers Find Humor In Everyday Life

Motivational Speakers Are Always Looking At The Funny Side of Life Not every keynote speaker uses humor – but those that do understand its value. Audiences love to laugh and meeting planners love to book funny speakers. Simply put – funny sells. That’s why so many speakers (like me) are constantly looking for ways to […]

Make Dreams Come True After Divorce

When your dreams come true, it’s sometimes hard to believe. This is personal blog about divorce with a photograph included. It’s for parents everywhere who want to navigate divorce and co-parenting in an amicable way. I’m divorced. When you marry, you never imagine hearing the words “you’re divorced,” would be when your dreams come true, […]