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To Live Your Dreams Practice Loving Yourself Unconditionally

I spent much of the past weekend learning more about the root causes of both happiness and suffering, at a Dharma talk about Karma and  Happiness, in some sitting meditation sessions, and in a one-on-on private session with a Buddhist monk named Erik Drew Jung from the Dzogchen lineage.  The main message I took away […]

Dream Milestone with Girls on the Run

Have you ever noticed how much you stay on track with a dream milestone on the calendar? Fitness challenges work best when they are on the calendar too, and the gorgeous sunshine filled day was a perfect start to my latest 5k. A few months back, I knew that a small race on the calendar […]

Why Half Assing It Means You Picked The Wrong Dream

My older brother’s retirement dinner was last Saturday night. Attending his celebratory dinner party heightened my awareness to how important it is to do what you were put on earth to do and how living your life this way appears over the course of one’s lifetime. My brother was a union man. My dad was […]

The Sexy Bathing Suit Dream and The Reality of Eating For It

Summer is around the corner, although in many places, it still feels like winter. Soon enough, the weather will be hot and it will be time to break out the clothes that consist of less material. A lot of us dread this time of year, especially when we’ve put on weight and want to avoid […]

The Secret to How Keynote Speakers Get Standing Ovations

Keynote Speakers LOVE Standing Ovations One of the greatest thrills as a motivational keynote speaker is getting a standing ovation. While they feel great, standing ovations are not always a good measurement of quality. Sometimes it’s just one person who jumped to their feet, and two hundred others who stood up two by two, due […]

Women Public Speakers: Teach Young Men to Respect Women

Image Source I am a dreamer of big dreams, an advocate for women empowerment, and most importantly, I am a public speaker. I have a voice that I intend to use for sharing a message of hope to women and men everywhere.  I see my gift of being a accomplished public speaker as a blessing.  I have found […]

Famous Photographer Dreams of Using iPhone 5 for Glamour Portraits

My dream of becoming a famous photographer scares me sometimes. For a very long time I refused to dream of being a famous photographer. I wanted to be known for changing lives, self-esteem and helping women. I pushed myself to focus on creating an empowering experience. Recently I realized that I was scared that my […]