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50 Great Quotes by Top Bloggers

There are informational quotes for anyone trying to be a success online from some of the world’s most famous online entrepreneurs and authors of our time. Feel free to share this collection of great quotes by successful entrepreneurs online on blogging success, product launches, successful websites, and social media engagement. 50 Great Quotes by Top Bloggers– 1. “Love your […]

The 50 Best Cooking Quotes of all Time

Top chef, Maria Vieages, has put together a collection of the 50 best cooking quotes of all time to inspire you with your culinary (or foodie) dreams. There are the best cooking quotes for falling in love with food and cooking from some of the world’s most famous chefs of our time. Feel free to share […]

50 Best Quotes about Travel

Top travel blogger and world travel dreamer, Natasha von Geldern has put together a collection of the 50 best quotes about travel and traveling the world to inspire you to leave the comfort of your home and travel the world just as she has done… Ever since I wrote my post on quotes that inspire […]

Top 10 Mistakes New Keynote Speakers Make

For the record, there is a new motivational speaker born every minute. Off the record, most of them have no idea what they’re getting into. Me included. I made every mistake you can make in this business, and I’m pretty sure I’m not done yet. So, in case you’re listening, I’m sharing my bloopers with you […]

50 Most Inspirational Quotes for Women of all Time

Image Source: Power Thought Cards by Louise Hay There are inspirational quotes for women from some of the world’s most famous women entrepreneurs, public speakers and authors of our time. Feel free to share our inspirational quotes for women collection on following your dreams, being brave, starting over, and achieving success. 50 Most Inspirational Quotes for Women– 1. “Forget about the […]

5 iPhone Photography Tips That Will Make You A Pro

When you first dream about becoming a professional photographer, you probably picture fancy top of the line equipment. But the real talent is taking less than perfect equipment and making a great shot anyway. I was interviewed by Aimee Markwardt for an article to help journalists take better pictures with their mobile devices when they’re on […]

How to Live Big Dreams Even When Things Fall Apart

No one ever said that living your big dream was always going to be easy! And yet those who have done it are here to remind you that it is always worth it.

I have been tested so many times on the road to living my biggest dreams. I have been through a few of those tests in these past few weeks, and just kept walking through the fire!

Triathlon Training Kicks a Fitness Dream to the Next Level

When on the road to your health and fitness dream plan on having tough days. In the wonderful world of triathlon training, the tough days have a name: “Brick training.” 3 weeks to go and my week consists of a couple of these tough days. Brick training is when you train two of the three sports of […]

A Writing for the Internet Strategy that Makes Content Viral

Are you confused as to how content ends up going viral on the Internet? This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about confusion.  It’s because I am helping care for a parent with Altzeimers disease. Never has it been so painful to me how confusion can mess with your reality and your ability to live […]