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Women: Take Chances in Life and Don’t Waste Your Dreams

If you asked me one year ago if I would be able to successfully take a big chance in life and go for my dream of being a motivational speaker, I’d probably tell you “NO!” and I’d still be working as a designer full-time. I was in a bad space at the beginning of last year.  My […]

How I Improved My Self-Esteem in One Year

Last week I posted a blog from a year ago about my self-esteem. Because I wasn’t ready to talk about what was happening, this blog focused on my self-esteem regarding beauty. You couldn’t tell from the blog how hard my life was at the time. But now I’m ready to talk about how much I struggled and […]

How My Big Dreams Took Me To Hollywood

Big dreams and Hollywood are often synonymous at least for those in the film industry. If you want to be a big star, that’s where you go, right? I never imagined that my book publishing dreams would lead me there, however, since my aspirations are as a writer and dancer, and I never really thought […]

You 2.0 Happens After Your D’oh Moment

At some point on the dreamer’s journey you will find yourself at a a “D’oh moment.” Oprah likes to call them “Aha! moments” I think possibly because “Aha” may sound prettier when you’re having a light-bulb moment — that moment where you to see a missing piece of your dream puzzle. It’s certainly a reality […]

Like Hush-puppies: Your Treasure is Within You Already

Writing on 8 women dream is special to me. I get to talk to God knows how many of you about dreams — along with the ups and downs of it all.  You don’t judge me or what I write. Well, at least I don’t see it if you do, and that’s just fine with […]

World Travel Dreams: 8 Things Not to Miss in Australia

I can hardly believe it but I am coming to the end of two years in Australia and my Wandering Kiwi family and I have decided to return to our sometime-home in the United Kingdom. It has been a fantastic opportunity to explore this vast continent, by rail, by car and on foot. It is […]

How The Fairy Tale Myth Can Kill Your Big Dream

Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale? So I’m in WallyMart the other day, which is where I usually go when I’m wishing I had more children, because nothing kills the urge to have children better than five minutes in WallyMart. It’s much cheaper than birth control. And guess who I run into? Cinderella. Yep. Right there […]

One Year Rewind of Self-Esteem Dreams

I wrote this blog about my self-esteem one year ago. Next week I will post my update reflecting on the past year. The biggest source of negative self-esteem is often ourselves. Some things can only heal with time. Just as when our hearts and spirits are hurt by others, it takes time to undo the […]

Authors’ Publishing Dream Comes True with Scattered Letters

Authors’ publishing dream comes true with a powerful debut novel delves into abuse, abandonment, and the power of forgiveness… In her new novel Scattered Letters, author Reshunniece Kline takes on the power of forgiveness. At 8-years-old, Bellina Al Asma’s idyllic life is turned upside down by an unspeakable tragedy. She is forced to leave Switzerland […]