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Dream Success: Interview with Alessandra Lariu

  What happens when you have dream success? If you are creative guru Alessandra Lariu, you take your dream success to the next level every day. I had an opportunity to chat with Ale about her latest projects and how female leadership is changing the way we do business. Ale has quite the background in the […]

The Road to Dream Success Can Make You Sick

This past week I was in the hospital, diagnosed with dehydration and a bad case of Gastro Infection, where my stomach acid kept creeping up my esophagus burning the inside of my stomach and chest. It’s not exactly the romantic vision you have of a dreamer is it? But it does illustrate how passionate I […]

Live The Dream By Just Being The Star You Are

Sometimes a dream we’ve been working towards for a long time finally feels like it’s clicking into place. When the moment arrives to live the dream at a higher level, it’s time to step fully into your power, just being the star you are.

A Name for the Dream: I’m a Maker

Being a Maker is a way to be more than a consumer. Sure, Makers still buy stuff, and we still consume it. But we do it not from acquisitiveness, but from curiosity. What can I make out of this? It’s kind of cool by itself, but what if I turned it upside down and added a widget to it? What if I painted it a different color? What if I put four legs on it and used it for a coffee table? {…}

Top Blog Dreams: The Real Story Behind Make Money Blogging

I didn’t initially start this website to make money off the visitors. I started this website because too many people were spending their lives doing what they thought they were “supposed to be doing” instead of what they were born to do. I worked with too many unhappy coworkers who were in a job strictly  for […]

How to be a Dream Junkie Just Like Me

I am sitting in the hair salon chair listening to the blues and waiting to have my head massaged. The sound and feeling is busy, but it’s an extreme departure from my new workplace at a hotel restaurant. At work, I sit in my office and I listen. I listen to the chaos, I listen […]

What I’ve Learned from a Year of Travel Blogging

It is a few months past my first blogiversary but passing the 100,000 views mark in October prompted me to think about what has gone wrong and right during my first year of travel blogging, building the travel blog Wow I’ve been travel blogging for a year already! How did that happen? It has […]

8 Reasons to be Thankful for Fitness on Black Friday

Being fit is a lifestyle. It does NOT mean you need matching workout outfits or running shoes that will break the bank. It does mean a commitment to movement, making healthy decisions, and most of all being thankful for fitness results and what they can offer back to your everyday life. What’s there to be […]

5 Life Lessons in Living from a 1-Year-Old

There is a saying that goes: you are never too old to learn. True. But have you ever learned life-lessons from a 1-year-old? I have. I am a mom to 14-month-old girl, Aliya. My baby girl is always running around. She doesn’t walk — that would slow down her life too much. It’s funny to […]