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Images From South Africa As I Enjoy a Dream Break

Being a blogger on 8 Woman dream is a dream-come-true for me. What is amazing to me is the readers from around the world who come to read my posts. It makes it that much more amazing to share my passion for my dream of becoming an International motivational speaker. I thought it fitting to […]

Back to School Photos Chronicle a Lifetime of Bad Hair Days

Hello Pro Photography Dreamers. Back-to-school is upon us and this week my 17-year-old son starts his senior year in high school.  He is handling it way better than I am, I must say. One of our traditions is to take a picture of him on the first day of every school year.  And we have […]

Dreaming of More Fun Summer Adventures

This year, as summer is waning, I feel like a schoolgirl again, like it’s time for something big to happen, feeling that sense of excited nervousness, belly full of butterflies. I think it’s time this fall to work through the last round of edits before I finally send my book proposal off to agents. I […]

My Dream for Big Business

One of my evolving dreams, related to money, is for the revival of small local business. I’ve made a personal commitment to (1) do as much of my shopping locally as I possibly can; and (2) avoid non-local business as much as I possibly can. […]

Top 8 Blogs By Women and Why I like Them

In my 10 years as a blogger and a top blog dreamer I’ve seen a lot of blogs by women come and go. Today I am going to reveal to you my favorite blogs by women and why I like them. They are examples of what a top blog should look like and the type […]

Living the American Dream on a Vineyard is a Family Affair

  With a tip of my straw hat, or in my little son’s case a bike helmet, we pay homage to the spirit of Swiss Family Robinson this week, as we continue to build our dreams out here in the heart of Willamette Valley, Oregon. The key to my heart word, as always in my […]

Take Your Eating Plan Back To School

Question for you this week from your health and fitness product dreamer: True or False: We have plenty of time to prepare healthy meal options everyday for ourselves and our children as they start back to school. You can pick yourself up from laughing now. Even on the best days when we have plenty of time to […]

Create a Vision Board of Your Perfect Pro Photographer

 To be successful at your dream, especially photography dreams, it’s important to study the men and women who have achieved what you dream of achieving. Create a vision board, or a Pinterest pin board dedicated to those who inspire your dream. When you are feeling lost with your dream, get out your vision board and […]

How Nurturing Ourselves Helps Us Live Our Dreams

The dark brown stallion with a wide white stripe down his nose reached down over the low door of his stall and put his black nose right up against my lips, as if to kiss me. He then stuck his nose right into my cleavage, resting his head on me, pressed up against my heart. […]