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Reliving the Glory of the Olympics By Writing A Memoir

Just imagine how it feels to stand on top of the podium, a shining medal around your neck, representing your country and years and years of dedication, hard work and sacrifices. Few people in the world work as hard as Olympic athletes, who endure grueling training regimens, give up eating favorite foods, relinquish other past-times […]

Money: The Olympics and Dreams

The beautiful thing about the Olympics is that we can all watch people pursuing their dreams. It’s inspiring, moving, and breathtaking, all at once. And at the same time, it’s pretty easy to lose sight of the fact that the pursuit of dreams is exactly what the Olympics is all about. The modern Olympic movement […]

Why Creating the Best Blog Can Be Like Training for the Olympics

We see them on TV every two years: finely-tuned Olympic athletes attempting to do more than they’ve ever done before. Years of training and preparation are the obvious foundations for their success, but there are other, more subtle practices that set in motion their trajectory towards victory. If we study the successful, especially athletes, we […]

A Simple American Dream Can Include Going for the Gold

While it is true that the living of our American dream is in itself the inspiration for my family’s wanting to be all that we can possible be out here among the several acres of vines, Douglas fir and centuries old oaks, it is great fun and further encouraging to experience other human beings performing […]

The London Olympics: Making the Most of Your London Travel Dreams

Welcome to Travel Saturday and at the moment the word is all about the London 2012 Olympics. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to be going to the event, and exploring London at the same time? Or perhaps you’ll wait until after the kerfuffle has died down to pursue your London travel dreams? London as a travel […]

Who Else Wants to See What Products Can Make You Dream Like an Olympian?

Have you ever wondered what Olympic products the elite Olympic athletes use to achieve their dreams? Every summer a little girl will watch the Olympics and say, “I want to do that!” This was my reaction when I first saw Nadia Comaneci score a perfect 10 in the 1976 summer Olympics. I was 6 years old, and jumping all over […]

The Secret to Successfully Achieving Dreams

This week I’ve been thinking a great deal about successful dream achievement and what it takes to do what we do here on 8 Women Dream. My dream of becoming a motivational speaker has led me to understand how important it is to align oneself with people who support my dreams — because it is […]

Wordless Wednesday: San Francisco Zoo Inspires Pro Photography Dreams

Hello Pro Photography Dreamers. This week’s Wordless Wednesday photography post comes from a recent photography dream trip to the San Francisco Zoo with my meetup group, SoCoPhoGro. I found the photography shoot to be a bit challenging — harsh, direct mid-day sun created a lot of shadows and contrast.  Many of the animals were resting […]

How Love Ourselves Completely To Live Our Dreams

Many many moons ago, back when I was a very little girl, I first birthed the dream of being a “famous author.” I always knew somewhere deep in my heart and soul that I would write books someday. Thanks in large part to the support of the amazing team at 8womendream and my writing coach […]