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An Interview With Dream University Founder Marcia Wieder Part 1

Marcia Weider is on a mission, a mission to help 1 million dreams come true in 2013. If you don’t know who Marica Wieder is and you are a dreamer — you should. Maria has appeared on Oprah, PBS-TV, and the Today Show. She is a member of the prestigious Transformational Leadership Council with 200 […]

Go Green For Summer: etnies 2012 Buy A Shoe, Plant A Tree Project

A little fashion can go a long way Looking for work a little less carbon footprint into your fashion statements this summer? Over the last 500 years, Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest has been destroyed dramatically leaving only seven percent of its original cover today. Through agricultural production and urban development, millions of acres of trees have […]

DailyFeats Challenge: What Will July Do For Your Dream?

Calling all dreamers… In my dream launch post last week I introduced our upcoming Dream Big challenge with our partner Daily Feats. How many times have you had an opportunity to get support and encouragement from a community that WANTS you to succeed? If you are like most dreamers, that chance does not come around […]

Wordless Wednesday – DSLR Features Enhance Pro Photographer Dreams

Hello Top Photographer Dreamers This week’s Wordless Wednesday highlights one of the coolest features of my Olympus 5e camera – the “art mode” features. One of my favorites is called “cross process” – as you can see, it makes for some very dramatic contrasts with images that may otherwise fall a little flat. I recently […]

How Storytelling Can Change Lives: Part I

Like a symphony of twinkling stars, the fireflies flashed their bright lights, one after another, dancing in the woods behind the back yard and in the tall grasses and gardens around the back deck. Sarah, the owner of this beautiful house in Athens, New York, had just moments ago said the fireflies would be out […]

3 Smart Money Tips: How to Get Great Customer Service

This week at work, I made a transition from sales to customer service. I love doing customer service; in fact, it’s kind of a dream job for me. I’ve often thought maybe I could market myself as a tough case specialist, where businesses could farm out their worst customer problems to me. […]

Celebrating Dream Successes With a Little Voodoo Magic

This glorious, spectacularly sunny week has my family close to, but not exactly in, our little house in the vineyard where we are currently welcoming bloom in the Pinot Noir and so completely living out the dreams we have worked so happily-hard for and continue to gratefully cultivate, here in the heart of Willamette Valley, […]

3 Free Ebooks From Marcia Wieder for Readers of 8 Women Dream

My big dream actually consists of two dreams that intertwine from time to time. I have my dream to have a top blog on the Internet and I have my dream to help women believe that they deserve their dreams. Some weeks these two dreams live separately and other weeks they mesh together. It’s hard […]

Countdown To Launch: DailyFeats and 8 Women Dream Team Up

A big launch often takes shape in ways you never planned. If you are lucky, the universe aligns for your dream just when you need it to. Occasionally it opens a door for your dream, and then smacks it shut just as you are ready to step through and claim your prize. At least it […]