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8 Top Writing Contests for Writers With Publishing Dreams

Aspiring writers often look to writing contests to help launch their writing career and gain feedback to improve their writing skills. While I am taking a short vacation from writing, all of you authors out there with publishing dreams might want to think about entering one of the following upcoming writing contests I’ve gathered here. […]

Memorial Day Dreams: Honoring the Fallen

Today is not a day to write about money. Money is far too small a subject for Memorial Day. This is a day best spent honoring the fallen, who gave up their dreams so we could have ours. I was raised to be adamantly anti-war. I was also raised to honor the dedication and sacrifice […]

Making Wine Requires Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone To Live This Dream Life

Never in a million years did I dream that I would be working with sulfuric acid, phenolphthalein or an instrument called an ebulliometer. As a child, I did not ask Santa for a chemistry set. I completely loathed anything and everything to do with the periodic table of elements throughout my entire academic career.  Particularly […]

Traveling 5 Minutes Away From Home Can Re-charge Your Dream

Since 8 Women Dream is opening up Saturday for Travel Saturdays and Jayne is taking her finance stories to Monday mornings, someone should really show up here in the interim and write something “travel-like.” Forgive my delay in posting that something, but along with my other “kin dreamer” Heather Montgomery, we met “kin dreamer,” Shellie […]

Got 10 Minutes? Working Your Dream With Limited Time: May Product Launch Status

Brandon Warren via Compfight If you are wondering what the impact of working full-time to help bootstrap your product launch dream will do? This is the reality. You will spend at least a month beating yourself up that you need to be working on things, while you fall asleep over your laptop at a really […]

Product Launch Interview: Bringing Monkey Tyz To Market

Have you wondered how to get a consumer product launched or is the process just too daunting to even consider? I had the opportunity to chat with Gayleen Pellicano, the inventor and momprenuer behind Monkey Tyz, a child safety product that keeps children buckled in their car seats. I caught her this week right before […]

You Can’t Reach Your Dreams if You Are Running in Skis

Ever try running in skis? Indulge me for a second, Dreamers. Imagine you are at a very popular, crowded ski resort in the dead of winter. You are standing on top of the slope, looking at the path you need to conquer to head back to the lodge. All of your friends are on the slope – some are waiting for you at the bottom. Others are just getting off the lift, right behind you.[…]

Book Author Dreams: Every 4 Seconds a Romance Novel Is Sold

When we think about book author dreams, we often think of writing the next great memoir, but did you know that every 4 seconds a romance novel is sold somewhere in the world? Who are these authors and why have they chosen romance novels as their dream passion? And why do readers buy them? PBS […]

Family Travel Dreams: Take Monday Off at Casa Colina Mexico

As 8 Women Dream continues to interview a new travel dreamer, we will continue to share travel information sent to us by international brands. This week Casa Colina wants to let 8 Women Dream readers know about Mexico’s top-rated Casa Colina resort located near Puerto Vallarta. This resort specializes in pampering families with a hefty […]