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Motivational Picture Quote: Travel Opens us to New Beauty

In honor of travel dreamer Katie’s trip to Alaska, we are posting a motivational picture quote featuring a quote by Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India. The photograph is from Katie’s recent travel adventure in the Grand Canyon. Enjoy –  

Kate Middleton: Long Live the Dream

This week as I head off to travel in Alaska, I’ve been thinking a great deal about how dreams come true and how it can very quickly change your life, as it did for Kate Middleton when she agreed to marry Prince William. Besides, I can’t get away without writing a Kate Middleton post. Only […]

8 Top Blogs on the Internet

Everyone has blind spots, and often, dreamers are famous for having dream blind spots — instead of facing the reality of where they are with their dream and what they need to do, and the dues they will have to pay, they choose to believe that, “it’s just going to happen right away because my […]

It’s Spring for the American Dream in Willamette Valley

Bud break in the vineyard is nature’s kiss on the cheek and promise that a new day, and a new vintage, are surely on the way. This marvelous event represents hope, quite like the almost-too-tiny-to-believe finch eggs, in the nest just off the front porch of our little home in the vineyard. Other harbingers of […]

Spending Money: The 2000 Dollar Prom Date

Talk about something that slaps my financial freedom dream right in the face — Prom season. Prom spending statistics by USA Today state that the average dollar amount spent nationwide on going to the Prom is almost 1100 dollars, while the northeastern part of the US is expected to spend in upwards of 2000 […]

How To Adjust To Your Own Dream Success

Big news for my product launch dream this week. News that is too big to wait – I got a job! The fact that this happened, that the market is improving, that my skill set is a great fit — it’s all still sinking in. Looking back on my product launch dream list for 2012 […]

Photography Dream Lesson 101: Don’t Trash the Mistakes

Hello Top Photography Dreamers: On your Dream path of photography – have you ever heard another photographer say something like this: For every 10 shots you take, you will be lucky if one turns out good. 1 of 10? 10% of my shots will be good?  That’s it? That means 90% of my shots are […]

Wordless Wednesday: Fisheye Lens at a Country Bar Wedding

Part of my pro photography dream is to experiment with my favorite images. I love playing around with fisheye lens techniques that give images this distorted 180° angle of view of an object for intriguing visual effects. The wide depth of field makes the shoot more interesting and gives it a dream feeling …[…]

How Spring Cleaning Helped Me Get a New Start on My Dream

It had been the door that simply remained closed in my house, the room I didn’t show anyone. Right behind my kitchen table where I normally sit with my laptop, writing this blog and doing work for clients in my bright and sunny kitchen, I just kept that white door tightly shut when giving house […]