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The 100% Truth About Money and Me

Completely unexpectedly, I have discovered the 100% truth about money and me. And it’s not what I thought it was. Saw the doc yesterday, to get evaluated for Adult ADHD. You might recall from my last two posts that I pegged myself with an executive function disorder, and wondered if I have undiagnosed ADHD. […]

How To Learn What You Want To Do: March Product Launch Status

The past month of my product launch dreams has been interesting. You know that kick butt feeling you get when you accomplish something big? Like my son Jake landing a skateboarding move in the photo above? Yeah… I didn’t have that so much this month. Keep learning In the interest of my theme of learning […]

What Would You Attempt to Do if You Knew You Could Not Fail?

The reason we are showcasing this video today is not to raise an argument about DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) but to highlight what Regina Dugan’s message is about: allowing ourselves to do the things we tell ourselves that are impossible. Her speech is powerful and she is a fine example of a great public speaker. If you have 20 minutes, Dugan has a lot to say about dreaming big and not being afraid to fail in this TED video […]

Best 8 Photography Dream Inspiration Images from Compfight

If you haven’t heard of Compfight yet, you will. Compfight is a new search engine for visual inspiration and free stock photos for the advertising and blogging community including Flickr images of creative commons and public domain. I thought I’d showcase some of the amazing images you can find on Compfight for your photography dream […]

How to Debunk the Perfection Myth and Just Be Happy, Part II

Last weekend, I finally “let go” of something inside of me that was still determined to turn me into something I’m not. Here I am, a 40-year-old woman with the personal mission of achieving enlightenment in this lifetime for the sake of all beings (that’s the “Bodhisattva” vow I have taken for my life!) and I am still concerned some days about having a “perfect” home, “perfect” body, or “perfect career.” […]

How to Debunk the Perfection Myth And Just Be Happy, Part I

I always like to joke that I am a “Recovering Perfectionist.” I could totally lead those “Perfectionists Anonymous” 12-step meetings, stand up in the front of the room, sweep my long red bangs off to the side as they fall into my eyes, and declare to the crowd: “Hi, my name is Lisa, and I’m […]

Wine Travel Dream: Healdsburg Wine Routes

Welcome to the fourth week and the fourth installment of you helping me plan out my wine travel dream in California. For those of you who just joined us, I will be visiting San Francisco this May, and with it, I will be conquering a dream to travel to several different wine areas and wineries north […]

Travel Dream Stories: How Barbara Elaine Singer Turned Life’s ‘Sour Grapes’ into Wine

Talk about living your wine travel dreams, today’s travel dream story comes to us from Barbara Elaine Singer of Her story is a reminder that it is never too late to launch a new dream, even when you feel you’ve lost everything. Here is Barbara’s dream story … I now believe it’s never too late to start life over if you listen to your heart. […]

The 6 Stages of Success When You Dream Big

Photo Credit: Chris Devers via Compfight If you had a dipstick that you could poke down into my what makes me crazy tank, when you pulled it up you’d find it dripping in the word “instant dream success.” I should clarify that crazy into meaning “people who believe that what they want to happen should […]