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The Magic Ingredient in Dreaming: Your Imagination

In working with my pro photographer dream I spend a great deal of time thinking about how to spark creative energy with our dreams. Dreaming big dreams requires that your imagination and personal genius be expressed. A few months ago, I was asked to shoot a portrait of a friend’s 5-year-old daughter. I’ve worked with […]

How to Live An Extraordinary Life

The camera was rolling, the room lit up with one of those professional white umbrella lights, and the script was scrolling upwards on the teleprompter. I gained a new level of sympathy for television newscasters, as I tried to keep my voice at a natural pace as the words scrolled by. Sometimes they seemed to […]

Dream Goal Setting: Write a Letter to Your Future Self With FutureMeOrg

I am taking this #MondayOff and am currently in the beautiful, natural, mountain hot springs of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. While I am currently “blogging to you from the future,” I thought this would also be an opportune time to talk about the importance of writing letters to our future selves, as it pertains to our personal development–namely our personal dream development.

24 Top Blogs and Bloggers Who Deserve Academy Awards

In honor of the 84th Annual Academy Awards I thought I would offer up who I think delivers some of the best blogs on the Internet similar to the Oscar nominated categories. When it comes to being a great blog, there are many factors to consider – Does the blog look professional? Does the blogger […]

Balance Is the Key To a Life Full of Joy In Living the American Dream

One of the secrets to living my American Dream Life out here in Oregon’s wild western wine country is welcoming opportunities for maintaining balance. Balance is an essential element to the picture of happiness for me, my family, animals, friends, garden and the vines.  It’s so important in fact, that I do not refer to […]

Financial Dreams: Saving Enough Money (video)

The behavioral economist Shlomo Benartzi is over there on TED Talks telling us about the human foibles that prevent us from saving enough money to have a comfortable retirement. You can watch it right here on 8 Women Dream — In case you didn’t watch, these foibles are: immediate gratification inertia loss aversion I am […]

Working The Dream

February… the month of love. Valentine’s Day gives us a reminder mid-month, but I’ve been focused on love for a while now. Enough so that I had an uber-domestic moment and made a hand-cut heart shaped 2-layer cake for my husband and son on Valentines Day. My diet suffered, but sometimes working hard to enjoy […]

Positive Thursday: 8 Places Online to Find Positive News

Happy positive Thursday! Do you ever grow tired of the negativity that permeates the news? It’s important to keep up-to-date on current affairs, but we need to be mindful and manage what we expose ourselves to in our everyday lives. Have you ever wondered if there are places you can go to read more positive […]

Wordless Wednesday – 8 Images Inspired by Baseball Dreams

Hello Top Photographer Dreamers. As a Dreamer who loves to shoot all athletes in action, this Wordless Wednesday post highlights my favorite sport this time of year – baseball. Baseball Dream Images Inspired by Big League Greatness Tim Lincecum in his first year with the SF Giants.   (Cool editing by photographer Ray Mabry). Baseball Dream […]