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Top 8 Ways to Save Money – Part 2

Happy New Year, World of Dreamers, and welcome to Top 8 Ways to Save Money, Part 2. Just as a quick refresher, here’s a list of the first 4 from last week’s post, Top 8 Ways to Save Money — Part 1: Avoid Temptation No Debt Allowed Rustle Up Some Vittles Don’t Hoard, Consume And […]

Top 8 Product Launch Dream Posts: 2011 In Review

When you are working on product launch dreams so many questions on the details will come up daily. If you need some reminders on how to stay on track, or occasionally take a detour to keep your sense of humor intact, check out these Top 8 Product Launch Dream Posts. 1. Who Wants To Make […]

Positive Thursday: Celebrating 2011 and Looking Forward to 2012

Here’s just a few of the thousand snapshots from 2011 to celebrate– It has been QUITE the year for me. When I first started writing for 8 Women Dream in January, I didn’t know exactly where this crazy adventure called life would take me. Since January, I’ve graduated from college, accepted my first job, moved […]

Wordless Wednesday: Images of Winter in Northern California

Breathtaking photographs come from inspiration, and sometimes that inspiration comes in the form of a new camera for Christmas. Yes, I got a new camera for Christmas. Come enjoy my winter inspiration images … shots taken with my new camera. Let me know if you can tell that I am re-invigorated and re-inspired. […]

Top 8 Live Your Best Dream Life Posts on 8 Women Dream

It’s that time of year where we begin thinking of our New Year’s resolutions and look back at what we’ve accomplished here on 8 Women Dream. In honor of last year, I’ve compiled my top posts on 8 Women Dream as part of a retrospective that our can readers enjoy…. My Top 8 Live Your […]

Monday Off: My Top 8 Dream Travel Plans

I want to travel. I always have and I always will. But this year it will be less travel dreaming and more travel doing. (But it all starts with a dream.) This year, maybe I’ll: get the guts to purchase my ’round-the-world ticket convince a friend or two that we need a long-term trip before […]

Country Mouse Visits the City for Christmas in the Northwest Wine Country

Holy Moly Macaroni, what a day! We broke through the ice for the chickens, fed them some whole wheat pasta, (one of their favorite treats), warmed up the water bottle for Jackie our New Zealand bunny, and snipped off some yummy broccoli from the garden for her to indulge in on this freezing, foggy morning. […]

Top 8 Ways to Save Money – Part 1

It’s Christmas Eve, and I’m thinking about the top 8 ways to save money that I learned this year. And for once, I’m on this topic of my own free will, and not because I’m in a panic that I spent too much money.  I’m proud to say that I did not overspend on Christmas! […]

Enter To Win Your 2012 Planner And See Your Dream Bigger

Another give-away for you! Do you need something to keep your dream on track for 2012? Keep reading and you can enter to win a See it Bigger Planner of your very own. I have a paper addiction. Yes, I’m offering another confession. As a graphic designer this comes in handy. As a product reviewer […]