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Wordless Wednesday: Fall in Northern California

Wordless Wednesday photography tip: If your dream is to become a professional photographer it’s important to learn how to photograph in various lighting situations. Light can be your best asset, your friend and your most important tool. Make sure you always have your camera with you — even on the smallest of errands. So you can catch anything — including the seasons as they change […]

Dreams Cut Short: The Real Reason the Holiday Season Exhausts You

Today I am happy to share some space on 8 Women Dream for a woman who helped me change my life. In 2003 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease, a hereditary disease that lead to my hypothyroidism. I was pretty sick when I stumbled upon the website, Stop The Thyroid Madness in 2004. Until that […]

Best 5 Cyber Monday Travel Deals

Returning to reality on a Monday after a holiday is rough, but not when it’s Cyber Monday, and especially not when you have the best Cyber Monday travel deals, including an 8WD exclusive deal, right here. If you want more travel in your life or in the upcoming new year, now is your chance to […]

Some Straight Talk About Time And Your Big Dream

Did you know that it takes more than 1,500 hours a year to climb to the top 10% and make your dreams come true? It’s an extra 4 hours per day. Read this again: an extra 4 hours per day. But how many days will it take at that extra 4 hours a day? 2,500 […]

Occupy Grown-ups Table is Part of Living The American Dream

The biennial Thanksgiving celebration with my husband’s family at the breath-taking Oregon Coast, began with our little family’s “prep” at our home here in the vineyard, fifty miles east. Baking from scratch:  Four dozen white chocolate lemon-lavender biscotti, one dozen “Fallnut Cookies,” a round of sour cream, semolina herb bread, two loaves of savory pumpkin challah […]

Money, The Lizard Brain, Big Change, and Me

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I sure did. And now I am awash with guilt and regret, just like every year. I spent too much, I ate too much, and now I don’t have enough cash flow to put gas in the car. Some people call that the big holiday let-down. I call it […]

Black Friday Shopping From Independent Fashion Designers

Are you looking for unique holiday gifts and Black Friday deals? I found quite the selection for amazing gift options, along with a few deals I want to pass on to you at the San Francisco Thread Show this past weekend. I’ve learned the best thing for my own creativity is to get out and […]

Positive Thursday: LIVE OUT Your Thankfulness

This Positive Thursday is the mega-thankful day: THANKSGIVING. Below are just a few things I’m thankful for today: Starbucks holiday drinks, days off work, orange and yellow and red leaves, counting my blessings, countdowns until I see my sisters, coffee dates = therapy sessions with friends, my college roomie being in town for the weekend, […]

Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks: Top 8 Websites on Gratefulness

A key component to taking the first step towards changing your life and bravely going after your dream is being grateful for where you are right now.  Big dreamers understand the importance of recognizing what is currently working in their lives. When you begin to be grateful for the little things, it is like adding […]