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Million Dollar Dreams: Can It Be Done In 2 Hours A Day?

Who hasn’t wistfully looked out the window, while sitting at your day-job and thought about the million dollar idea that will free you to pick what you want to do each day, where you want to live, and how you go about checking on your growing millions. For some, the perfect dream life is beating […]

Positive Thursday: Being Reliant on Others

I grew up in a culture where it has been encouraged to “do it yourself” and “work hard to get somewhere.” Personal growth and success have been pushed on my generation and we’ve been bred to understand that we have to do this ourselves. Well, no offense to pop culture and mainstream media, I disagree. […]

Dream Photographer Vacation – Destination: Kentucky

Hello Photographer Dreamers – One of my goals for 2011 was to plan a dream photography vacation and I was having difficulty choosing where to go.  So a few months ago I asked for help with my dream. I narrowed down my choices to the Top 8 Dream Vacation Destinations I wanted to visit and […]

How To Design Your Dream Life From the Inside Out

It was a dream come true that involved a former bank building, two artists who are madly in love, a small historic New York town, a $50,000 grant, and an astonishing collection of shoes. Last Friday night, The Foundry for Art Design + Culture opened in Cohoes, New York. The dream was more than 5 […]

Bucket List Travel Dreams: Oktoberfest in Munich

Munich’s Oktoberfest goes on for the last two weeks in September. On average, six and a half million people make the beer pilgrimage each year to help Munich consume 30% of it’s annual production of beer. If you plan on going, I suggest:

Life Purpose: What If You Picked The Wrong Dream?

Next week Shellie Croft will be joining 8 Women Dream. Shellie lives her version of The American Dream in the Willamette Valley wine country of Oregon and she will be sharing what it is like to achieve your dream life. Or in her words, “My grape life!” Our email exchanges over the past few weeks […]

Dollars and Cents: Is There A Hole In My Pocket?

Well, Dreamers, it’s been an interesting week in my dream of personal finance mastery. Dollars and cents: now you see them, now you don’t. Virgo Man went on a brief fishing vacation with his brother. He wasn’t gone half an hour when he called and asked me why his ATM card didn’t work. He should […]

Million Dollars: Get Past The Idea And Launch

I should own stock in Post-It. The number of ideas that may or may not eventually turn into a million dollars are stuck all over my world. Bathroom mirror, kitchen cabinets, and never mind finding the top of my computer. Of course that’s all they are now. Unrealized products, devices, apps and online sites that […]

Positive Thursday: 7 September Resolutions

Who says it needs to be December 31 or January 1 to make a new goal or resolution? Not me, dreamers! Today, I want to share a post from my blog, Polish My Crown about a few resolutions I made for myself at the beginning of September. Now here’s a quick note on resolutions. I […]