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6 Challenges to Improve Your Top Photography Dream Skills

Last weeks post, Use a Back to School Mindset to Kickstart Your Dreams, had some suggestions on how to take that new “fresh start” mindset and translate it into support going after your dreams. I spent the week going over my own goal sheet, and came up with ways to challenge myself as we get […]

How Hurricane Irene Propelled Me To Bigger Dreams

All this crazy extreme weather, all these tornados and hurricanes and earthquakes, does serve for me at least as a reminder that we all need to be better stewards of our planet, and that what we do with our lives now in this moment, and every moment, matters. It made me want to recommit to living my fullest life and doing my best. I mean, heck, if the world is going to end, I want to be sure I lived fully while I had the chance!

Top 8 Ways to Live the Travel Dream in Las Vegas

This past weekend, I was livin’ the dream in Las Vegas. It was one of those last-minute trips you decide to do because at least it sounds better than drinking a bottle of Two-Buck Chuck by yourself and watching “Before Sunrise” on your roommate’s broken futon. (I did that last weekend; no need to sulk […]

How The Magic of Believing Can Kill Your Dream

If your subconscious mind believes that you are not good enough (smart enough etc.) then you will self-sabotage your dream without even realizing it. Your actions will reflect your belief of not being “enough.” You will not move forward. Your dream is dead before you begin. Your core belief could be killing your dream. When […]

Money-Saving Deals Lead to Money-Spending Addiction

One of the last bastions I’ll need to face in my dream of mastering my personal finance mastery is my inbox full of money-saving deals. These are deals I’ve subscribed to or that get offered to me because I’m such a good customer. Here are a few of my favorite things weaknesses. Discounted Mac Software […]

Steve Jobs: The Man Who Won The Heart Of Apple

The end of an era. When Apple CEO, Steve Jobs announced his retirement this week the tech industry speculation began. What will Apple look like now? According to most experts in the tech field, it won’t be much different than it was a few weeks ago. There will be a new name – Tim Cook […]

Get Your Dreams Back-to-School Ready

The end of August rolls around and it seems like there is one thing on everyone’s mind – back to school. The newspaper ads, tweets I’m reading online, the lines at Walgreens suddenly have people with baskets of colored pencils, notebook paper and glue sticks. All over – the buzz is back to school. I’ve […]

Use a Back-to-School Mindset to Kick-Start Your Dreams

I read a statistic the other day that shocked me. Did you know that back-to-school shopping now ranks second only to Christmas as the highest consumer spending time in the year?  It’s like a big holiday. I’m convinced the Hallmark Card will be out soon. Even with all the hype I think the back-to-school mindset […]

How to Live the Dream By Doing What You Love

The lights were dimmed and the dancers were paired off, bodies pressed against each other, hips pulsing to the music, arms draped around a neck, shoulder, curved around a waist. Some danced with eyes closed or half-open, a half-smile playing on their lips, a dreamy look on their faces. The dancers had come together from […]