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Positive Thursday: 80 Things to be Thankful for

Good morning friends! Hope you’ve enjoyed your week! Last week in my post, ‘Positive Thursday: Turning Little Things to Big Things’ I blogged about turning little things into big dreams and not letting discouragements and disappointments make the best of you. The post read: Although we all have days or weeks or months, it’s nothing […]

How Would You Score on a Top Photographer Dream Performance Review

For many years, the traditional employee performance review has been used by managers to help their employees identify their strengths and their biggest weaknesses. A quick nod at the strengths – right – and then they would work with you to develop some sort of action plan to address those weaknesses, with the hopes […]

Midsummer Night’s Check-In: Are You Living Your Dreams?

It is midsummer, and the living is easy ~ Saturday mornings at the outdoor Farmers’ Market on the river, breezy evenings spent enjoying dinner by candlelight on my best friend’s back deck! Yet midsummer means that it’s almost halfway through the year. Half of 2011 has magically evaporated. I set a lot of goals for 2011. Midsummer means to me that it’s time to check in on again on how I am doing on those goals, and to regroup and make sure I have an inspiring vision for the rest of 2011.

How to Live the Dream and Leave Work to Travel

Welcome to the second installment of my “How to live the dream” series. Last week I brought you into the lives of my friends, BodesWell, on their epic journey across the world in a VW bus. If you were inspired, but not quite in a position to leave the office or house behind, then this post is for you. You can travel the world and keep your day job.

The Best 20 Stories On Living Your Dream Life By 8 Women Dream

Sometimes, to be truly happy, you have to follow your dreams. But what do you do if you don’t know what your dream really is? Surprisingly enough, this is a common problem, and many people go through much of their life without discovering their passion, feeling unfulfilled and miserable — wishing they’d somehow become brave […]

5 Tips For Remaining Happy And Grounded By Alice Inoue

Can we be happy when situations and circumstances in our lives are not what we want them to be? The answer is yes! Regardless of genetic makeup, personality, or background, you can learn to make choices that support your happiness. Being happy doesn’t depend on achievements, finances, or relationships. It depends on you, and the […]

Feeling Nothing About Mastering Personal Finance

This week along my path to achieving my dream of personal finance mastery, I had the remarkable experience of feeling….nothing. Nada! Not a thing. Bupkis. Feeling nothing is quite rare for me. I’m a 12th house Cancer with Leo rising, and for the icing on the cake, my sun and moon are opposed. Feelings, I’ve […]

Keep The Heat On Your Dream Plan

Do you remember summers? You know, the ones when you were a kid, sleeping in, doing whatever you wanted all day? Don’t you wish dreaming were like this sometimes? At 11:45 am, my son made his trek downstairs to inform me he was up.This is obviously the same kid who does not yet have a […]

Positive Thursday: Turning Little Things to BIG Things

Happy Positive Thursday friends and fellow dreamers! I hope you’re enjoying a tall cup of coffee, sunshine beaming through the window and warm weather this morning. I certainly am! Last week, I shared with you the importance of celebrating your dreams, your achievements, your accomplishments. I wrote: Even if we haven’t accomplished everything on our […]