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Keep The Faith That The Universe Will Deliver On Your Dreams

The fabric of my sari was like the sky at twilight meeting the sky at midnight, as one blue faded into another. The sequins sewn by hand onto the night blue glittered like stars. I felt like I was wrapping myself in the universe. My spiritual teacher Nithya Shanti‘s mom Shashi and Aunt Nilum were […]

Be Brave And Define Your Dream

When I defined my dream topic for this first book on toxic mothers and how to survive them — I was poised to pursue my dream. I view myself as pretty brave but this past year I really embrace bravery.  Leaving my newspaper job was scary enough. Learning to trust myself, my husband and the […]

Gas Prices and My Personal Finance Dream

Gas. Gas is costing this family an arm, two legs, and half of our collective sanity. I bought a tank of gas today for my little Subaru, and it cost me almost $60. As I started up the pump, I noticed the gallon price was $4.12. Hey, that’s pretty good, I thought to myself. Last […]

Dream Jobs Are Popping Up All Over

While the entrepreneurial path includes searching for that dream job this week, I got a boost from my mailbox. There’s nothing like he cover of my brand new WIRED magazine being perfectly timed wake up call. The cover “The Smartest Jobs In America” popped out as soon as I grabbed it. They must be reading […]

Positive Thursday: Appreciating the Little Dreams

Good morning and happy positive Thursday friends! I hope you’re having a refreshing start to the day and are ready for a long weekend – can’t complain about THAT, right?! Last week, I wrote  Positive Thursday: 8 Things You Are Not — about the 8 things you definitely are not. As women, it’s so easy […]

The Case For Falling In Love With Our Dreams

This week I’ve been reading and reviewing The Case for Falling in Love –  a book written by Mari Ruti, PhD.  Although it isn’t directly written about photographers, I can certainly link the idea of falling in love with another person to falling and staying in love with our dreams. A whole chapter could focus […]

When Realizing Big Dreams: Feeling It is Key

There is a high degree of serendipity in the little-bitty-city where I live. With fewer than 50,000 people living in Troy, New York, right alongside the Hudson River, generally within easy walking distance of one another, we all tend to bump into one another, reconnect, and make plans spontaneously. A morning at the Farmers’ Market […]

Dream Books: What Is on Your Summer Reading List?

Snow on the mountains in late May. Last week, northern Arizona experienced hail and snow almost every day, so I am more than ready for steady summer sunshine to be the blanket I curl up to and read with this summer. So enough about crummy weather already, let’s bring on the books. What having you […]

Why People Need To Dream Like Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride

In the story, The Princess Bride, a Spaniard named Inigo Montoya is on a great quest to kill a six-fingered man — the very man who who killed his father. Montoya spends the bulk of this famous story repeating his dream of facing his father’s murderer to claim, “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You […]