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Glaring Financial Disconnect Between The Royals and The Middle Class

My last post, Royal Wedding Dreams: Do The Royals Worry About Mastering Personal Finances discussed the connection between the Royal Wedding and my dream of personal finance mastery got some really interesting comments. They made me realize I had missed the boat on the most obvious connection. I’m going to remedy that in this post. […]

A Royal Wedding Dream Day

Congratulations to Price William and Catherine Middleton! As of this posting they are well into their procession and receiving blessing for a happy future from the over million well wishers expected along the route. Don’t all marriages start this way? Not so much. My second wedding was a tiny affair of 4 set on a […]

Positive Thursday Royal Wedding Edition: Keep Calm and Carry On

It’s almost impossible to go a day this week without hearing people talk about the highly anticipated royal wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William. If people aren’t talking in person, it’s all over Twitter, Facebook, the news. And tomorrow is the big day. The Royal Wedding. The day where a commoner marries royalty and […]

Top Photographer Royal Wedding Dreams for Kate Middleton

In just a few days, commoner Kate Middleton will become “Princess Katherine of Wales.” Many girls dream of one day having their own royal wedding dreams of becoming a princess — but did you know that this soon to be Princess of Wales also has dreams of becoming a top photographer? Here are some interesting […]

How to Travel the World For Weddings To Rival A Royal Wedding

In just a few days, the world will watch Royal Wedding dreams come true as Kate Middleton weds Prince William at Westminster Abbey. It is being billed as the “Wedding of the Century” and will undoubtedly be elegant, over-the-top and memorable in all ways. Anticipating the Royal Wedding brings back fond memories, for me, of […]

Kate Middleton Stole My Royal Wedding Dream

Photo: The Middleton Family via Flickr Once upon a time in Berkshire, England, in 1982, a future queen was born to commoners. Her name was Kate Middleton. While many dream of marrying a prince, Kate will live out her big Royal Wedding dream. Almost an exact year after Kate’s birth, this self-proclaimed princess, me, another […]

Royal Wedding Dreams: Be Careful What You Dream For

It’s a week of royal wedding dreams heard around the world. Cinderella marrying her prince. It’s a classic dream isn’t it? The only problem with fairy tale dreams is no one says, “and they lived happily-ever-after until they both started working 60 hour weeks; purchased a slightly-out-of-their-price-range home; had three kids and the princess still […]

Brides Dream: All Weddings are Royal Weddings

The much-anticipated royal wedding that will unite Prince William and commoner Kate Middleton on Friday has me remembering all the pressure and drama that swirled around my first wedding. If all brides are beautiful, then all weddings should feel like a royal wedding. My expectations were no different. I was 26 and relatively poor and […]

Royal Wedding Dreams: Do The Royals Worry About Mastering Personal Finances?

In the coming days, a commoner, Kate Middleton, and the bonny Prince William will unite in marriage. But what does that have to do with my dream of personal finance mastery? Well you may ask. Here it is. I need a break from looking inside my own head. The two most public figures in the […]