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Positive Thursday: When Dreams Take Off Do Not Look Back

It’s one week until I’m flying to my new home, my next chapter of life, my dream. Thank you so much to everyone who read and commented on my post last week Complete Your Circle of Influence. In the post, I explained just how vital it is to surround yourself with people who encourage, inspire […]

4 Tips on Photographing Through Spring Fever

It has been an extremely long winter here in northern California – one of the longest and wettest on record. Some days are hit and miss with warm dry weather – and although some days are nice, inevitably the rain always seems to return. If you are a photographer, you know that cold air and […]

To Live Your Dreams, Have More Fun Than Anyone

Sometimes when we embark on a dream journey, we decide that it’s so important to achieve some goal we have set for ourselves that we work furiously hard and make the whole exercise joyless. Or we fear diving in and procrastinate and avoid it all together. Aren’t we attempting to live our dreams because we think doing so will make us happier? And because we supposedly enjoy whatever it is we are choosing to do? Isn’t it supposed to be about the journey, and enjoying it along the way?

Guest Dreamer: How to Feel More Beautiful While Working on Your Dream

Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Patricia Biesen, blogger, health coach, artist and beauty rebel.  She also happens to be a Chicago colleague of mine.  I thought it might be interesting to let her talk about her dream of feeling beautiful . . . Meanwhile I am involved in my move from Chicago to […]

Who Else Wants To Help Decide My Next Dream Step?

Sometimes I stare at this white page and wonder what in the hell I am going to say about dreaming this week. I like your comments. I like how long you take to read our posts. I feel like I need to continue to get better. I like all the stories from the 8WD bloggers […]

Guest Dreamer: Val Boyko, Mother Whisperer

Readers of my Sunday blog, which focuses on surviving toxic moms, may include a few who wonder if their mothers are really that bad. Adult daughters of toxic moms are struggling with boundaries, contact issues, grandchild access and other challenges that come with having a parent that just isn’t fit for the role. But what […]

Capital is Queen in My Dream of Money Mastery

Today’s post is about how accomplishing my dream of personal finance mastery is going to require more than technical change. It’s going to require adaptive change. A technical change is a skill or a task you can learn, like balancing the checkbook, monitoring the bank balance, or waiting 24 hours before making any unplanned purchases. […]

Do You Feel Like A Dream Loser?

Taking an entrepreneurial dream break is good – as long as its not too long. Have you ever noticed that when you stop doing something how long it takes to get back on track to doing it? I know this has applied to my life when it comes to working out, filing, and all those […]

Positive Thursday: Complete Your Circle of Influence

Happy Positive Thursday dreamers! I hope you’re having a purposeful, joyful, thought-provoking and exciting day.Thank you to everyone who read and also commented on my post last week, 4 Ways to Put Others’ First. I explained: Today, you have the opportunity to make a difference. Your actions and deeds you do for others say something […]