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Cafes of Gratitude To Frank Ferrante For Sharing His Dream

Remez Sasson says, By thinking in a positive manner on your goal, and not letting any doubts enter your mind, your intuition starts working, you see opportunities, and you have energy at your disposal to follow your goals and dreams. Dreams and goals . . . hmm. Friday night I went to a screening of […]

5 Signs That Your Dream Is Becoming Real

Earlier this week, with a lot of help and support from my friends at, I created a 30-plus page book proposal and sent it to a literary agency. Sounds simple enough, right? After all, I’ve been a journalist for decades, writing this book for months and months. I’ve been collecting readers’ stories via the […]

8 Dream Books To Help With The Fear of Dating For Men And Women

Note to self: In order to accomplish my dream of finding the right guy – I have to actually go out on a date . . . and overcome any fears I might have of dating a possible dream mate. When in doubt about ones ability to accomplish a certain task, there are always books […]

6 Ways The San Francisco Giants Dream Big

At the start of every professional baseball season, all 30 teams have the same Big Dream — to play on the national stage and win the World Series. This year, The San Francisco Giants are one of those teams. But their winning season was hardly an obvious bet. Their path to the championship was long, […]

Social Biz World: Let Your Dream Shine Online by Sharing It With the World

My entrepreneurial path down my dream road to a successful product launch led me to a conference this past week. It was … Social Biz World. SocialBizWorld is a Social Media and Web 2.0 business conference for private and public-sector business executives, leaders, managers, employees and consultants looking for insightful speakers, hands-on workshops, in-depth discussions […]

Screenwriter Dreams While Sleeping Through HereAfter

Film Review: HearAfter. As a budding screenwriter who dreams of Clint Eastwood directing a movie of mine, I was initially excited to be reviewing Matt Damon being directed by Clint Eastwood.

What Is The Cure For Post-Dream Fever?

Two weeks ago, I mailed my 476-page book manuscript to my writing coach in what was the culmination of a lifelong dream. Yes, she needs to edit the book. Yes, I need to find an agent and sell the book!  So I am only “partway there” when it comes to realizing this dream fully. Yet […]

5 Dream Inspiration Tips Served Up With Rap

Yo, Dreamstresses! I’ve been hunting down some dream inspiration on the web. I came across this quote and It resonated with me. Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. ~ Gail Devers This […]

Exploring Healing the Scars of Child Abuse

Some books are hard to put down; others like Amy Madden’s “Stolen Beauty: Healing the Scars of Child Abuse: One Woman’s Journey,” are hard to pick up. I just finished reading Madden’s book, a memoir so chilling in its description of sexual abuse of a child that it gave me nausea. Reading this book is […]