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The Social Network Gets Your Dream Involved

When “The Social Network” hits theaters this Friday, my interest in this films success may be a bit different than typical movie goers looking for a story. In case you haven’t noticed, mainstream media now relies heavily on online platforms for research and story lines for the past several year. Top bloggers get book deals […]

Easy A Is An Easy Review For This Screenwriter

As the dreamer with dreaming of getting my screenplay produced, I feel that no one really knows the impact your words may have on others when you release them into the internet stratosphere. Especially, when those words are the gateway to your screenwriting dreams. In my last post Hollywood Screenwriter Offers Zombieland Movie Review, this […]

How The End of My Book Wrote Itself

For a woman who has a book due in two weeks, I have been rather busy lately with everything but writing: entertaining house-guests from Mexico City and Boulder, Colorado; going out salsa and 80s dancing; participating in a workshop with my spiritual teacher that I organized; posing for pictures as a “muse” for a painter […]

5 Rules For Launching Your Own Dream Version of The Social Network

I was fascinated by the movie The Social Network — not because it is supposedly about Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg, but because it’s the story of the birth of a start-up. We dreamers understand this process all to well: The immense need to create. The need to create something from an idea. The need to […]

Can Women Change Rap And The Social Network Online?

Snoop Dogg Reaches Out to Mark Zuckerberg About Buying Sports Team This is the headline I came across this evening. Rappers and billionaires, seems to be a theme. I’ve been checking out Mr. Zuckerberg, because I’m interested in seeing the movie based on his Facebook fame called, The Social Network. I read that Facebook was […]

A Healthy Checklist for Toxic Mom Toolkit

Recently, around the one year anniversary of leaving my newspaper job I had a come-to-Jesus talk with myself about work. What makes sense for me now at my age? What is really important to me, to my husband and to our banker in terms of earning money? Is it really all about money or can […]

3 Online Dating Rules of Engagement

I have been progressing quite nicely in my dream to begin dating, while in my later years. Overcoming, multiple levels of fear, I have taken my power back and refuse to be defeated. Shopping online is my choice today, we may progress to other avenues in later posts, but for today it is on line […]

8 Tricks for Being a 2nd Shooter

A few weekends ago I offered to be a 2nd shooter to help a local photographer and friend, Ray Mabry. The wedding was on the smallish side, but it had both indoor and outdoor locations so it was a great opportunity to practice both natural light and flash photography. Based on that experience, I made a […]

How To Use Flickr To Share Your Dream

The entrepreneurial quest continues. I finally finished “Crush it!” by Gary Vaynerchuk, and my reaction to his suggestions about what it takes to take it to the next level online for your business… CRAP I consider myself, or at least my company presence, to be social media savvy. We get it, use it, and manage […]