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Meditation Tips For Those Who Can’t Sit Still For 3 Minutes Without Wiggling

I looked up from where I was laying in savasana position on the carpeted floor to see a lotus flower in bloom in stained glass, glowing above me. I traveled to the Grafton Peace Pagoda this past Sunday with my spiritual teacher Nithya Shanti, who was visiting from India to teach Joyshops in Troy, to […]

Will You Change Your Life To Accommodate Your Dream?

Does the environment where you live support your dream? To be successful at going after your dream, you must first think carefully about the environment that you are currently surrounded by, and what accommodations need to be modified in order to support the actions needed to bring your dream more fully into your life. Because […]

Pretty Pink Plea: The Rap Video

Hey all you Dreamer’s, Sometimes you just have to go for your dream. I’ve finally got my rap videos going. This week’s rap is “Pretty Pink Plea” featuring myself, and my girlfriend Toni – “Pretty Please Pink Plea” By : White Chocolate (me) Hey there Pink Here’s the thing I think I can rap And […]

Do Your Dream Research In Order To Bee Happy

Okay, I admit it. I’m addicted to doing research on You know It’s the one whose commercials feature little green leaves and encourage users not to worry where they are going — to just plunge in and see what they can find. It’s a bargain at $19.95 per month and some libraries offer […]

8 Ways To Apply Lessons From The Dip To Your Dream

How do you know if you learned something? If it really sank in? My litmus test for understanding if I have learned something is looking at my thinking – has it changed? For example – a stressful situation comes up and I need to make a decision; I would freeze up and go with what […]

Like Movies: Dreams Can Make Your Heart Ache

As the dreamer with a dream to have a screenplay produced, you can always find me at the movies. Sonoma County California is where I live and dream, and I am broken hearted over the impending loss of a community movie treasure. Needless to say I am devastated. The Rialto Lakeside Cinemas, a true movie […]

How Letting Go Can Help You Live Your Dreams

When I was a little girl, I would stay up way past my bedtime reading, smuggling a light under my covers sometimes so my mom and dad wouldn’t see light pouring through the crack under the door. Nancy Drew, Judy Blume, Harriet the Spy, The Bridge to Terabithia, The Chronicles of Narnia. In high school […]

One Womans Dream: To Rap With Pink

If I had a life coach, I’d fire her this week. I was supposed to have my rap song, Pretty Please Pink Plea done and then do a video post and get it on the 8 Women Dream website. Yeah, it could happen. It will. I can feel myself stepping out of my comfort zone. […]

Dreaming of Healthy Relationships With Friends