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How Do You Attract Men After Age 55?

Image by Why after the age of 55 do you ask?  Because that’s my big dream. Before the age of 55 attracting a man didn’t seem to be a problem for me at all. What happened? A slight weight gain, a sagging of the skin under my chin – “joules” is what my mom […]

How To Put Your Dream On A Schedule

When it comes to my own dreams, I am the queen of procrastination. I need deadlines and milestones to keep my dreams on track. I’ve had milestones on the calendar for a year – small, medium and large milestones all neatly set up. However, the infernal calendar keeps letting me know how quickly time is […]

Famous Screenwriters Divulge Hollywood’s Dirty Little Secrets

Being the dreamer who dreams of having a screenplay produced by Hollywood, people ask me a lot of questions about screen writing. Most moviegoers are unaware of how truly hard it really is to get a script sold in Hollywood. We buy the tickets, load up on popcorn, candy and soda, grab a seat and […]

Dreaming Of What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

For my thirty-sixth birthday a few years ago, I bought myself private aerial silk dancing lessons so I could learn to spin, twirl, and hang upside in the air, held up by ropes of red silk. In my very first lesson, I was already doing upside-down straddle splits, forming a human cross, inverted in an […]

Rap Goddess Returns Home From Dream Trip

I’m home from an incredible dream road trip through the Pacific Northwest. Then I finished off this vacation with an artsy, fartsy workshop with three of my favorite people. We spent the day at Schoolhouse Studio in the town of Occidental, California. Susan St. Thomas, an artist, teacher and astrologer was our facilitator. We created […]

Travel Is The Best Dream Inspiration

Ladies, I’m driving back from vacation in the Pacific Northwest and I have been thinking about how travel can be the best dream inspiration. If you are feeling stuck – take in some new scenery. It will change your perspective on just about everything, while re-birthing your creative energy. Travel helps boost our creative brain […]

3 Simple Steps Is All It Takes To Start Your Dream

This may startle you: Dreaming big dreams does not mean you must be perfect, work your fingers to the bone or be incredibly lucky in life. Too many people believe in order to go after their dream, they must take monumental steps, change everything in their life and completely ignore their family and friends . […]

Dream Support: You Have More Than You Realize

Weddings: A Great Place To Meet Men?

Isn’t it convenient for my dream of dating again and falling in love that I am about to be a maid-of-honor and weddings are the number 1, high-quality singles event in the world? Yes, I am still looking at the many ways a girl can meet a guy. At the impending wedding reception, I will […]