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If You Are A Woman With A Dream: You Can Make Films

Some dreams are harder than others to achieve. These are the dreams that test us at every turn with major obstacles thrown in our way, forcing us to twist and move our dream about. You have to decide within yourself if you have the guts to make the seemingly impossible possible. For example: my dream […]

One Writer’s Journey From Hell to Heaven

I had come full circle. I was standing in the same place where I’d been 15 years earlier, but my life couldn’t be more different. This past Sunday, I stopped into my father’s office for a few hours to help him complete a marketing report. On Monday my family would fly to Spain to visit […]

Do You Know How Truly Powerful Women Are?

The Mom switch can’t be turned off. My oldest daughter became sick and she called me at midnight – crying. We discussed pain, how long to wait until she went to the emergency room, etc. I even looked up appendicitis symptoms while she sat on the other end of the line – 60 miles away […]

Are 9 Species Of ANTs Keeping You From Your Dream?

The foolish reject what they see, not what they think; the wise reject what they think, not what they see. I wonder how many years spent in a meditative state did it take the Chinese master of Zen Buddhism, Huang Po to discover what I did when my thyroid stopped working: You are not what […]

30 Affirmations for Daughters of Toxic Mothers

  As part of my book writing process on growing up with a toxic mother I’ve created a set of 30 healing affirmations for daughters of toxic mothers. I don’t know if you ever do this, but I have caught myself on several occasions repeating little affirmations to myself, little mantras to shield me from […]

Are You Dreaming of Love After Age 50

Finding love after age 50 is not the same as finding love in your 20s. We no longer want to spend every weekend hanging out in a bar. Since I am still in research mode, I stumbled upon the book online, Finding Love After 50 by Tom Blake. He advertises this as the only dating/relationship book […]

Watching Dreams Walk Down The Catwalk

I had the opportunity to watch dreams take flight this past week. San Francisco Design Week took place all over the city covering design from all elements from June 14-19. AIGA SF sponsored the city wide event. A happy coincidence was the rearranging of the THREAD event to wrap up the week. THREAD is a […]

3 Simple Ways To Believe In Your Dreamer Self

When you choose to screen writing as your dream, your belief in yourself has to be be rock solid. As impenetrable as the Wall of China. Your self belief will constantly be tested as you navigate through the murky, shark infested waters of Hollywood. In Blake Snyder’s book, Save the Cat! Strikes Back, he points […]

Reinvention: Frankly My Dear I Do Give A Damn

Imagine if you took Alec Baldwin, added 40 pounds, and crossed him with Ray Liotta in Goodfellas. Imagine this tough Brooklyn-raised Italian-American man – a former drug addict, funny and foul-mouthed, edgy and not afraid to speak prickly truths out loud – and now imagine him downing a shot of wheat grass, then looking in […]