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Dreaming About Deep Writing

I’ve been reading two books at the same time, “The Bill from My Father” by Bernard Cooper and “Deep Writing” by Eric Maisel. Every week I trek to the library to check out an armload of books because what if a couple suck? What if only one is worth the effort? Every once in a […]

Dating Dreams: The 15 Best Ways To Meet Men

This post is to help any of you who might have the same dream of meeting Mr. (or Ms) Right. Here are my thoughts about how we can meet Mr. Right. The 15 best ways to meet men? 1. The Grocery Store. There are some really nice grocery stores in Petaluma, California (where I live). […]

Caution: Be Careful With The Family Jewels

Does your dream look like my jewelry box? Lots of potential on the outside, and really sparkly but a total jumble on the inside? As part of my dream progress as a jewelry designer and serial entrepreneur, I thought I’d take you on a tour of my own jewelry box mess and help you take […]

Do You Need Cojones To Pitch A Dream Screenplay

Pitching a screenplay takes major cojones. It requires public speaking. Fear of public speaking is #1 on the global top ten list of fears. It’s called Glossophobia from glōssa = tongue and phobia = fear or dread (Greek). Is this a fear of yours? It’s mine – right up there with crocodiles and sharks. What’s […]

The Secret Dream Ingredients of Innocence and Magic

It was a chilly March day. We were at his favorite beach. We had driven an hour down the coast from my house in San Francisco to get there, chatting and laughing with the radio playing in the background, my bare feet propped against the dashboard, flip flops kicked off. It was our first date, […]

Female Rapper Believes You Have Always Known Your Dream

I know that most women my age don’t study the lessons of hard-core rap group NWA but I do. The NWA documentary is heavy duty and has a real heartfelt message: Don’t burn bridges with people you love. Dr. Dre and Easy E were ground-breaking in the rap movement. They laid down their stories of […]

Dreamer Sick Of The Dip Wants Her Dark Chocolate Sprinkles

Successful dreamers, who work on their big dreams are as busy as people who don’t. So I’m told the old excuse of  I’ve been too busy to . . . Doesn’t work. Because the difference between a busy dreamer and a busy person is that the busy dreamer is some way, somehow, making themselves do […]

Hawaii Dream: When Pele Speaks – I Listen

I’m just back from Hawaii where I visited a really ritzy hotel in Kona for a luxurious massage. I was seduced by an ad in the in-flight magazine. Who could resist?  It had everything: the lush setting, the koa wood lockers, and a private cabana deep in a leafy oasis. Driving along a black lava […]

The Difference Between Dream Success And Dream Failure

One of the main differences between those who realize their dreams and those who don’t is in the setting of realistic deadlines. Want to read that sentence again? I’ll wait. We need to break our dream down into small goals with time constraints in order to make progress. Creating a time-line on specific goals takes […]