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The Day A Coccinellidae Sent Me A Text Message

Not only am I shopping a screenplay, but I am the back-up to my friend Laurie’s rap dream. This week while turning the key to lock my front door, I spied a female ladybug latched onto the wood. There are seven spots painted on her back. Count them – seven! Lady luck will be ours […]

Why Living Your Dreams Feeds The Soul and Why This Matters

I broke a promise to myself this past week, and I feel awful about it. I hit my work deadlines. My clients are happy. I got enough sleep. My body is healthy. But I promised myself that I’d write for ½ hour a day, and I didn’t do that. I’m out of integrity. I disappointed […]

Destined To Do Freaky And Pay Good Money For It

The road to being a famous mom rapper takes many a detour as I make a living to financially support my dreams. Right now I can’t think. I just finished day 2 of my NIA Blue Belt. There is 50 people in my training and 3 men. I don’t mean men aren’t people, it’s just […]

Friends Can Help You Write Your Own Dream

I started writing when my boss of twelve years started planning his own retirement. That was about 15 years ago. Concerned about my next career move “Sir” encouraged me to strike out and try something completely different, like journalism.  He insisted on paying for any class I wanted to take. I was grateful, yet dubious. […]

5 Ways to Focus Your Dream

This week, I spent a rainy Tuesday night attending an event sponsored by the Professional Photographers Association. There were hundreds of  photographers and vendors in the room, ready and waiting for some brand new industry A-Ha’s. From the stage, master photographer Allison Rodgers from Olive Branch, Mississippi, made a simple statement: “You’ll never reach your […]

Dreamer Profits From Social Media Training And Survives

Goal Status: Social Media presentation equals a step toward one more stream of income for my dream of managing multiple streams of income. If at some point during this post, you see gibberish being typed, assume I fell asleep on the keyboard. I’ve officially found exhaustion. This morning I presented Driving Business Profit With Social […]

We Seem to Be In A Bit of A Screenwriter Pickle Dick

When I last left you on last week’s post, Laurie and I found ourselves in a pickle. A big ass-ed one. A quick recap of our mission was covered in How Goldie Hawn Helped Birth A Bitch And Inspire A Screenwriter – We were getting our screenplay into Goldie Hawn’s hands during a signing of […]

Living Our Dreams While Living On The Road

The dancers rippled and pulsed in tandem across the concrete floor, packed in tight, live music filling the small room. There were dancers in the aisle between tables, and on the tiny dance floor, and pressed up against the bar. The air was thick with guitar, drums beats and heat generated by all the bodies […]

7 Ways A Top Blog Is Like Pole Dancing

Imagine my surprise when I showed up for fellow dreamer Laurie’s Club B Congo-A-Go-Go table captain meeting Friday night, and was told we were going to have a pole dance lesson. I shouldn’t be that surprised.  It’s Laurie we are talking about here.  I don’t think she is afraid of anything. She uses the word […]