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Living Fortune Cookie Dreams On The Way To Hollywood

Recently, I was dining with two of my sons at a local Chinese restaurant. I’d just finished my last bite of walnut prawns (a sweet slice of heaven) and reached for the customary fortune cookie. As I broke it in half, it crumbled all over the place. I could only imagine what my fortune was […]

Taking Time Off Helps Us Live Our Dreams

This week will mark another big milestone for me in the process of writing my book – 150 pages due. I’m 135 pages into it. I likely should have spent part of last weekend writing. And I didn’t. I didn’t write. I didn’t answer emails. I didn’t do any work. . . I played. All […]

10 Common Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneurs

8 Women Dream is a get-up-stay-in-the-game-day-in-and-day-out obsession. I breakfast on questioning site decisions, lunch on marketing and dinner on reading everything on business that I can get my hands on — pushing myself beyond what is possible before collapsing into bed. Some days I spend so much time at the computer that my knees ache […]

Warning: Odds Are You Share Your Mothers Fears

What It Takes To Get Your Dream In Motion

Goal Status: Jewelry in retail space starting this Saturday You may recall my mentioning that I would be spending the weekend getting my inventory sheet and jewelry prepped to take down to Haus Fortuna on Tuesday. Have you ever had your dream time taken over by unforeseen circumstances? It starts so innocent with the “Mom? […]

Dreaming Big at the Northern California Screenwriters Expo

I am about to converge on the 1st Annual Screenwriter’s Expo held at the posh (blue language will have to be kept to a bare minimum) Silverado Resort in Napa, CA.  My mentor, screenwriter, editor, creative writing and screenwriting instructor Anne Jordan has taken on the herculean task in corralling a passel of movie producers, […]

Feeling The Need for Speed As I Live My Dreams

Just call me “Miss Troy.” Tonight I’ll put on a slinky red dress, white knee-high gogo boots, bright red lipstick, and an Uncle Sam top hat to MC an event in downtown Troy, New York. The event is called “The Need for Speed,” and while the purpose is to help convince Google to bring ultra-high-speed […]

Toxic Moms: Your Mother Might Be Toxic If

In committing to the dream of writing Confessions of an Undutiful Daughter Toxic Mom Toolkit I had to be absolutely sure I was right about my mother. I’ve given a lot of thought to her life experiences and challenges, her choices and deeds. I’ve been as objective as I can about my mother in her twenties, thirties, […]

Dream Success: 4 Ways to Overcome Obstacles

What we do when a setback appears that makes all the difference in whether or not we achieve our dreams. Many people just up and quit when obstacles appear, or when the dream gets boring, stale or too difficult. Dream achievement is like this – we go along working little by little on our dream, […]