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Forget Sugar: Get Out The Sponge Bob Bandaids

As I begin to write, my first thoughts are of the people of Chile. Rocking a 8.8 earthquake must feel like the world is coming to an end. When mother nature decides to roll over in bed, we are thrown to the floor and shown  how little we control. Catastrophes like this are a sober […]

Dream Achievement 101: Do Not Get Stuck In Your Comfort Zone

Saturday afternoon was spent driving the back roads of Sonoma County searching out painting locations. There were huge tropical clouds floating above golden fields of mustard flowers.   How fortunate I am  to be living in such a beautiful part of the world! I am currently taking an online landscape class and all of my […]

How To Find Your Dream Focus

Dream Status Update: Find space to spread out and officially take over the house with your dream. I can’t complain about space. The girls here at 8 women dream have all been to my place, and one thing we aren’t lacking is space. With my dream of jewelry design taking up a chunk of the […]

Why A Type A Personality And Riding Don’t Always Mix

Wow!  Huge steps forward this week in my dream to become an accomplished equestrian. Yea! But first, thank you to everyone for all of your support last week.  Last week was a tough week. What a difference a week can make. On to the steps forward: 1.  I didn’t quit riding.   After finding out that […]

Make Dreams Come True by Starting Over

  Ízletes! That’s Hungarian for delicious, and that was my Saturday night — enjoying Hungarian pastries including Dobos Torta, a nine-layer confection made with alternating layers of sponge cake and chocolate butter-cream and topped with hard caramel, and Beigli, a nut pastry made with layers of super-fine dough and filled with poppy seeds (makos). I was […]

A Little Known Way To Awaken The Goddess Dreamer

My dreams have a life of their own and the process is fascinating and frustrating all at the same time. I went to a psychic once who told me to quit giving birth to kids and start giving birth to my dreams.  I quickly discovered that there is a huge difference between dreams and ideas. […]

When It Is Time To Step Aside From Dreaming

And let a new dreamer dream. It’s been a wonderful year on this 8 Women Dream roller coaster ride! This blog has grown so much and Catherine has done an amazing job keeping her dream alive. The great part about this blog is that new people can come in and give their dreams a try. […]

The American Dream is Missing From the News Like a 20-year old Man at a La Leche Rally.

We live in a forbidding time. It seems like every time I turn around the news is talking about foreclosures and job loses. Financial consultants argue the commercial real estate market will be the next to fail, politicians fight about everything down to the color of dirt, while families hang on by their fingernails and […]

It’s Never Too Late To Go After A Dream

I concluded my last week of blues with a knock out flu and am happy to report I have turned the corner. I am in recovery both emotionally and physically. Last week I was ready to throw in the towel and admit defeat with bad “mojo” running through my head… Who am I, as an […]