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Motivation 101: Girl With A Pearl Ice Pack

This week I have been thinking a great deal about motivation. For example, now that I know that we are almost 100 days from the Bay To Breakers, I am easily motivated to work out by walk/running every single day for about 50 minutes. It has been about 2 miles a day – sometimes a […]

How A Blank Canvas Helps My Dream of Painting In Italy

There is something beautiful about a blank canvas. It calls to you waiting to be filled with color and inspiration. Wednesday was spent at the art store gathering supplies for my second semester at Grad School at the San Francisco Academy of Art. I always feel like a kid in a candy shop when I […]

Multiple Streams Of Income: Do Kids Count?

Have you ever noticed that the more you want to accomplish, the faster time flies? The first month in 2010 and we are almost through it. I have been pushing myself to get so many things done, I had to laugh when my son went and accomplished something all by himself. My son has had […]

Do You Believe in Yourself and Your Dream?

A few recent events in my life has me wondering if I’ll ever truly believe in myself. This past weekend found me back in LaCanada for the float’s annual “pat-ourselves-on-the-back” dinner.  This was my 25th float, which is more float experience than the majority of other people in the room. However, I’m still surprised when […]

How to Have The Most Fun Possible While Living Our Dreams

Today I have been dancing around my kitchen while singing along to La Camisa Negra by Juanes, one of my favorite songs. Because I was working from home, and didn’t feel like leaving the house on this very rainy, gray upstate New York day, I did this wearing plaid pajama bottoms, fuzzy purple socks, and […]

Your Top Ten Foods You Just Can’t Give Up

As the new year begins and the resolutions start rolling, you start thinking about the little changes that you have to make everyday to make your life a better one. Sometimes those little changes are easy. Sometimes not. Exercise is going well. I put my exercise bike back in front of the T.V. and am […]

Will 2010 Be A Year Of Awesome Success For You

My dream is to discover the different ways people motivate themselves to achieve their dreams and write about it. To do this, I study the whys and hows of successful dream achievement. Why do some of us make it – while others give up and quit?  What does it really take to achieve a dream? […]

How To Find Plein Air Painting Trips To Italy

When one dreams of plein air painting in Italy, it’s important to look at the travel options to consider. Here are some ideas to kick around – There’s the Arts Sojourn, a travel group of artists who plan regular painting trips to Italy. Their trips are specifically for the artist to experience Italy.  Their website […]

The Secret Running Technique: Running Tall

I was running today – in training for the Bay to Breakers. We fabulous women from 8 Women Dream will be competing in this marathon in May in San Francisco.  Running in the rain was exhilarating and left me with a satisfying feeling for the rest of the day. As I was running, I began […]