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Turn this Year into Your Dream Action Plan

We all have goals and we 8 Women Dream have some big ones. My goal-making Achilles heel is the action plan. A perfect example of a goal: I will get in shape. This goal can be seen at any gym or fitness center on January 1st. Just stop by and look in the window at […]

Give Me 2 Weeks In So California and I’ll Build a Rose Parade Float

PASADENA, Calif. — About a thousand people were in and around the Rose Bowl on Tuesday afternoon as preparations for Friday’s game continued. Yes, Friday . . . THIS Friday . . . is the Pasadena Tournament of Roses parade. There’s not time for my usual post on equestrian riding dreams, so I’ll leave you […]

How to Make 2010 The Best Year Yet

2009 was full of adventures for me. I was surfing in Costa Rica; celebrating Christmas in Argentina where I have danced night after night until sunrise, one night dancing in the pouring rain to Brazilian bossa nova; attending President Obama’s inauguration, and partying at one of the official balls where Barack and Michelle danced on-stage […]

Warning: It’s My Last Post Of 2009

Wow, the last week of 2009. And the last post. I can’t believe I’ve been posting for a year on this site. I don’t even think I’ve missed many either, maybe one or two. How does time fly by so fast? Can it please slow down! What has happened for me in 2009 with my […]

Italy, Fundraising and Cream Puff Dreams

The killer cream puffs are all gone. Every year I make cream puffs from scratch for our family gathering on Christmas Eve at my dads. It is about a seven hour process but worth it. I have to say they are heavenly. Friday was spent soaring through the sherbet colored skies of Pandora. We did […]

How To Choose A Jewelry Pattern

This week my jewelry business dream was right up in my face. Nothing like being reminded of your dream by someone else. My 10 year old niece was my reminder this past Saturday – I realized I had one last Christmas gift to handle . . . For her! Once I recovered from the shock […]

Every Now and Then You Have To Set Aside Your Dream

Forgive me for being away from my dream of being an accomplished equestrian this week as I am off working on the La Canada Rosa Parade Float.  Sometimes life does get in the way of our dreams. I am wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas.  Below is a video of La Canada Flintridge […]

8 Reasons to Celebrate in the Season of Miracles

In the season of miracles, here are some more reminders that daily life is full of miracles… Celebrate this and celebrate the season!

Is There Enough Excitement In Your Life

It’s that time of night that I have to get my thoughts into gear, write something about progress, or lack of, and write about dreaming. I sit here wondering, again, what the heck am I going to write about? Where are my dreams? What makes me happy? Not getting old, that’s for sure. I think […]