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8 Reasons Why It’s Good To Be Fat For The Holidays

The holidays are upon us and I’m way off my dream of being 30 pounds lighter and living a healthy lifestyle.  I’ve decided to temporarily embrace my weaknesses during this time and resolve to start anew on January 1st. 8 Reasons Why It’s Good To Be Fat For The Holidays – 1. You don’t have […]

Little Known Ways We Self-sabotage Our Dreams

Dr. Larina Kase defines self-sabotage as “a state of mind and state of being which damages our belief in ourselves and our abilities to achieve that which we want to achieve. It is extremely common and it affects everyone in some way, shape or form. If you have not achieved everything that you want to […]

How To Find Confidence

I am sitting in front of my computer surrounded by the sounds of gunfire. My house has been invaded by teenage boys. It is  my son’s sixteenth birthday party.  Three pizzas later followed by ice cream sundaes they are spread out immersed in a video game and I am sitting here thinking about Oprah. “Why […]

Your Thanksgiving Recipe For Financial Freedom

The giving of thanks is officially here. With all the tough times, creative financing, and staying afloat we all need a break. While you enjoy the experience of your holiday, in whatever form that comes, here are few things to keep in mind. I am currently preparing for the big feast at our house for […]

How Giving Our Dreams Our Best – or Not – Is OK

Are you giving your dream your best? My dream is to become an accomplished equestrian.  My other dream is to see the long-lasting continuation of the LaCanada Rose Parade float. As I reflected on last week’s post, I realized that I have truly not been giving my equestrian dream my best.  So, I took a […]

Thanksgiving Dream: Laugh and Be Grateful

Thanksgiving is upon us and I want to remind all the dreamers in the world to take a moment on Thanksgiving to laugh, enjoy your family and friends, and be grateful for all you have. It is said that when we are grateful for what we have, it opens up the opportunity for greater abundance. […]

The Top 48 Most Motivational and Inspirational Websites

Where do you get your inspiration? The terms motivation and inspiration can mean different things to different people.  The sites listed below represent a comprehensive list of web sites where we can find inspiration or motivation to help keep us moving toward our dreams. This list is not in any particular order, but if you […]

How A Dream Day at the Legion of Honor Made Me Grateful

I spent yesterday morning on a field trip to the  Legion of Honor in San Francisco. If you have never been, you must go. It is my favorite museum. It sits on top of a hill with a panoramic view of the bay and the city.  Its white neoclassical architecture reflective of the ancient Rome […]

The Equation Of Perceived Value On Our Dream

The third and final Social Media Workshop focusing on Blogging happened this morning. Taking on more responsibility to explore new avenues of income adds a level of exhaustion to your day. Can I just say “whew”? Cath was amazing not only sharing all her expertise by writing the workbook for the class, but by presenting […]