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The Secret to Becoming a Successful Photographer

My dream of becoming a recognized, successful photographer is something I think about all the time, and this past month, I can proudly announce that I’ve already accomplished a major goal…well, sorta. I have had the opportunity a few times this year to hang some of my photos in a local salon and spa. The […]

How To Keep Your Budget From Being The Biggest Loser

Dream or nightmare? As we count down to the scariest night of the year, I will be sharing scaaaaary story of the steps we need to take on the way to success. The latest is the dreaded “making a budget“. How can you make sure yours isn’t making you one of the biggest losers? Squeeze […]

What Everyone Ought To Know About Starting Out As A Pearl

  When I first started 8 Women Dream, my original dream was to write a book.  I succeeded at that dream, although it wasn’t a big book by publishing standards, but it was enough of a book to expose me to the book writing process.  It also taught me that dream achievement is hard work and writing […]

How An Equestrian Dreamer Survives a Super-busy Week

First, get rid of anything extra in your life if you are planning to go after your dream. Get rid of things . . . Like a pot-bellied pig named Mango-the-terror. This week I asked my pot-bellied-pig-knowing friend to come over for a pig therapy session. We put Mango-the-terror out in a temporary fenced area […]

Angelina Jolie and Me: How To Be The Perfect Woman

Do I expect too much? I only aspire to be as sexy, beautiful, worldly and actively humanitarian as Angelina Jolie; to be as successful politically as Hillary Clinton; to write Nobel Prize winning literature like Toni Morrison; to be as creative as Madonna and to dance like Janet Jackson. Of course, while doing this, I […]

Here’s a Quick Way To Combine a Tradition With a Dream

Samovar Tea Lounge Six years ago, my mom, sister and I had a “dream”. We wanted to save time for just the three of us at least once a year to do something fun. We decided to stay local to keep costs down and just explore the Bay Area. It’s always amazing what kinds of […]

How 80s Music and Debbie Ford Help My Dream Inspiration

People find their inspiration in different places. Some find it in the quiet of a forest, others in a comedy show, others by listening to a motivational speaker and others by working in their gardens. There is no one right way to find your inspiration, but I think it is important for all of us […]