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The Secret to Becoming a Successful Photographer

My dream of becoming a recognized, successful photographer is something I think about all the time, and this past month, I can proudly announce that I’ve already accomplished a major goal…well, sorta. I have had the opportunity a few times this year to hang some of my photos in a local salon and spa. The […]

How To Keep Your Budget From Being The Biggest Loser

Dream or nightmare? As we count down to the scariest night of the year, I will be sharing scaaaaary story of the steps we need to take on the way to success. The latest is the dreaded “making a budget“. How can you make sure yours isn’t making you one of the biggest losers? Squeeze […]

What Everyone Ought To Know About Starting Out As A Pearl

  When I first started 8 Women Dream, my original dream was to write a book.  I succeeded at that dream, although it wasn’t a big book by publishing standards, but it was enough of a book to expose me to the book writing process.  It also taught me that dream achievement is hard work and writing […]

How An Equestrian Dreamer Survives a Super-busy Week

First, get rid of anything extra in your life if you are planning to go after your dream. Get rid of things . . . Like a pot-bellied pig named Mango-the-terror. This week I asked my pot-bellied-pig-knowing friend to come over for a pig therapy session. We put Mango-the-terror out in a temporary fenced area […]

Angelina Jolie and Me: How To Be The Perfect Woman

Do I expect too much? I only aspire to be as sexy, beautiful, worldly and actively humanitarian as Angelina Jolie; to be as successful politically as Hillary Clinton; to write Nobel Prize winning literature like Toni Morrison; to be as creative as Madonna and to dance like Janet Jackson. Of course, while doing this, I […]

Here’s a Quick Way To Combine a Tradition With a Dream

Samovar Tea Lounge Six years ago, my mom, sister and I had a “dream”. We wanted to save time for just the three of us at least once a year to do something fun. We decided to stay local to keep costs down and just explore the Bay Area. It’s always amazing what kinds of […]

How 80s Music and Debbie Ford Help My Dream Inspiration

People find their inspiration in different places. Some find it in the quiet of a forest, others in a comedy show, others by listening to a motivational speaker and others by working in their gardens. There is no one right way to find your inspiration, but I think it is important for all of us […]

The Sonoma County Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Dreams

Once again the Sonoma County hills are full of mustard. It’s time to go paint. The song The hills are alive with the sound of music . . .  races through my mind when I stop to paint my surroundings.  The scene where Julie Andrews is singing on the hill with such abandon sticks in […]

Dreamers: Are We Hungry or Just Emotionally Hungry?

My dream objective is to conquer my issues around food and eat healthy and take care of myself as a sign of self-love. My biggest issue is understanding the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger. Here is some research I found that discusses the differences between emotional hunger and physical hunger. Emotional hunger verses […]