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Do You Avoid Your Dream Like Me?

I take on way too many things – – Tiger Cub “Den Mother” – Rose Parade float (signed up for another 3 years as Deco Chair) – Volunteering in my son’s 1st grade classroom – Insist on making homemade cookies for any potluck thing rather than buying cookies or something else. – Plus there’s our […]

Who Else Wants to Be Miserable In 5 Steps?

When Dawnda the dreamer and writer was writing our Tuesday posts she often had this funny way of reversing the logic on dreaming. Her posts could be quite funny.  Since Danelle is not as fond of online videos as the rest of us, I thought I would post this video in honor of Dawnda and […]

Don’t Let Daily Life Get in the Way of Your Dream

That’s what happened to me last week. I put all my focus on the kids and family again. Well, they were sick and this damn Swine Flu scare makes me even more stressed out. Plus, it’s volleyball and gymnastic  season so every weekend is focused on the kids’ sports. And my volleyball daughter sprained her […]

How To Make Your Dreams Come True Like Marcia Wieder and Sara Fryd

This weeks inspirational video features Marcia Wieder, Business Expert Speaker, author, trainer who has been featured several times on: Oprah as “The Passion Expert,” In this video Marcia discusses how to be more committed to your dream than your doubt. One of my goals is to take her Certified Dream Coach training in February 2010.  […]

Painting Dreams: Come With Me on a Plein Air Painting Adventure

Every artist dreams of winning a prestigious competition and being celebrated by your piers. You have to face your fears if you want your dreams to come true. As you read this post, I will be driving off to San Luis Obispo for a week long plein air painting competition. “Plein Air” is a French […]

Give Me 15 Minutes and I’ll Give You Charlie Brown In A Terrible Podcast

Some weeks move us faster down the road of dreaming than others.  This was one of those fast moving weeks.  I forgot to wear a seat belt. The first part of this week was  spent putting out notices that we had openings on the 8 Women Dream project.  The response was overwhelming.  I am excited […]

Rolling Over The Speed Bumps To Success

Seriously, this whole reality thing is so getting in the way of my dream. Or is it the fact that I am pursuing the dream that makes the reality so real? Good question. The continuous quest for multiple streams of income continues with a new feature on Twitter and Beyond. Now you can order custom […]

Equestrian Dreams: The Secret Ingredients of a Good Horse Medicine Cabinet

Part of my dream to be an accomplished equestrian involves the everyday task of taking care of a horse. Readers, you said you wanted to know what caring for a horse was like . . . so here it is  – the contents of my Horse Medicine Cabinet . . . and trust me – […]

Who Else Wants Their Turn At Dreaming?

As I bid my farewell to my fellow dreamers and readers. I have decided to take a hiatus from 8 Women Dream while I continue school, job hunting and writing on   This opens up my Tuesday writing spot and a chance for someone to take my place with 8 Women Dream. Anyone out there […]