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Does Your Dream Affect Others?

My Piano Dream is alive. I have been practicing my scales and warming up my fingers. Everyone is very supportive. “What, honey? Oh, the earplugs are in the drawer!” Anyway, I learned a new song… “What, dear? I can’t turn it down, it doesn’t have electricity!” So… “Sweetie, I’ll help you with your homework later!” […]

Chase Your Dreams Like Julia Childs and Julie Powell

This weeks inspirational video actually features two videos with respect to a new movie out in theaters titled, Julie and Julia. The women of 8 Women Dream enjoyed a Sunday movie outing today and went to watch this Nora Ephron film about two women who achieved their dreams through food. You gotta love that. The […]

Give Me A Week and I’ll Give You Small Blessings

This was the endless week!  A full week of back to school mornings with my son that followed an intense nonprofitable weekend at the Tiburon Festival.  All I can say is that I am thankful for my part time job teaching art in Sonoma and that I am looking forward to my regular pay checks! […]

How To Pick Good Jewelry Tools

The ongoing quest for the ultimate dream of multiple streams of income continues. In a lovely twist, one of my fellow dreamers (Thanks Alyse!) reminded a mutual friend of my jewelry and viola… Two pairs of earrings are sold! I got a boost of creativity this weekend and after spending 30 minutes to de-fur my […]

Top 8 Equestrian Blogs and Horse Websites

This week I am still stuck with my dream of becoming an accomplished equestrian and rather than go on about wanting to quit, I’ll leave you with  … My Top 8 Equestrian Blogs & Horse Websites on the Internet — 1.  Savvy Equestrian — It is the number 1 independent equestrian product review site and […]

How to Battle the Blank Page

As I sit in my living room looking at the blank page before me I am reminded how difficult it can be to write. The page is blank, nothing but white staring back at me. I decided to just start typing; just put letters together into words and see if something made sense. This technique […]

Have You Lost Your Identity?

Do you want it back? I am living my greatest dream. Giving my children the best childhood I know how. One that I had as a kid. I am the most confident as a mother. They are my passion. But is that enough? Is it OK just to be known as a good mother? Is […]