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How To Find Time To Work on Your Dream

One the hardest parts about dreaming is finding the time to work on your dream. There is usually more than one way to get a certain task done.  It doesn’t matter what the task is, if it needs to get done we as wives, mothers, women find the time and energy. Unless the task is related […]

Who Is Michael Jackson’s Number 1 Fan

This week when I think of dreaming big I think about my youngest daughter. She has loved Michael Jackson ever since she was about 4. She would watch DVDs of him and try to copy his moves. Anytime his song would come on the radio, we had to be silent. And if anyone talked bad […]

3 Dream Steps You Can Take To Escape The Rat Race

Sometimes when we are working diligently on our dreams it can feel like we’re in some sort of rat race. A rat race is a term used for an endless, self-defeating or pointless pursuit. To combat this feeling, it is good to look for other forms of dream inspiration. I watch inspirational videos that help […]

The Secret of Plein Air Painting By Dreamer Wendy Brayton

This week while on vacation and taking a break from my dream of becoming an international artist, I am going to talk to all of you through an old video of me explaining Plein Air painting – This video is from the Art at the Source (AATS) Open Studios where they invite artists to talk […]

How I Am Finding Peace in the Middle of Chaos

I am in the midst of complete chaos. Yet surprisingly I have an inner peace that makes no sense, unless of coarse you believe in God.

How To Get A Clear Vision of Your Dream

It is written that Buddha once said, “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” If this is the case then I just have one question:  why in the hell did I visualize a big butt? It is said that we hold the […]

How To Pick Colors For Your Jewelry

The jewelry front was quiet this past week with my dream to get my jewelry showcased and sold for one of my multiple streams of income. Welcome to the official start of summer. This time of year refreshes my outlook. Colors pop up everywhere. I admire the flowers blooming in the front yards of houses […]

How Being Kicked By My Horse Has Me Posting With My Left Hand

Once again, something has temporarily halted progress on my dream of becoming an accomplished equestrian. Friday evening, my horse, Nikki was badly spooked by something while I was standing next to him in the arena. He reared, came back down then leaped forward and kicked out with his hind foot, making contact with the back […]

How Your Family Can Sabotage Your Lifestyle

It’s all my daughter’s fault. The nine year old this time, not the teenager. You know she did it on purpose. This happens all the time. You give and give to your children or family, feeding them, caring for their welfare, making sure they’re happy, buying them an M&M candy machine for a souvenir from […]