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Who Else Wants To Go To New York For Their Dream

In honor of dreamer Kim going on her dream trip to New York City and unable to post today, I am posting this video “All about New York” for the rest of you big dreamers out there who also have travel dreams. We wish we could be in New York with Kim enjoying her big […]

Build A Dream Group You Can Be Proud Of

Everyone is humming along on their dreams.  Alyse completed her glass blowing classes and landed a new job.  Heather launched her e-commerce jewelery site.  Danelle is riding her horse again, soon to be in top training form.  Wendy is selling and showcasing her artwork, well on her way to being an International artist (we can […]

Warning: Getting What You Want Can Impede Your Progress

A long holiday weekend and not very much to show for it except for a few sunburn areas while grabbing what Northern California sun decided to peek through. I managed to finish my catalog (offline) and make a serious dent in the descriptions for the products that still need to go online. So far the […]

How The Pasadena Rose Parade Leads To A Small Shift in Focus

Last weekend marked the official start of “Float Time” at our house.  Despite living in Northern California, my husband and I remain deeply involved in the LaCanada Flintridge Tournament of Roses Assoc. (see  in Southern California.  The LaCanada T of R enters a float in the Pasadena Rose Parade on New Year’s Day each […]

How a TV Show Made Me More Productive

We all remember being told to turn off everything that makes noise when doing your homework. The belief is that you can’t concentrate if there are any distractions.  I no longer believe that is true. I want to think this is new information for a lot of people but the truth is I’m not sure if I’m at the […]

Who Else Wants the Secret of Losing Weight?

Has there ever been a time when you wondered if you’d ever “get it”? Whether it’s something as little as making a good batch of cookies, or figuring out a computer program, or as big as wanting to know the secret of life? I’m sure more then half of the human population want to know […]

Build A Dream Life You Can Be Proud Of

In this video Dr. Christiane Northrup advises women on the importance of self-care. She reminds us of the value of taking time each day to attend to our own needs, of giving up the obligation to be (and do) perfect and of having a circle of friends who encourage us in our self-care. The women […]

A Secret To Confidence In My Dream

The month of May is rushing to and end.  It has been several months since I joined the support group  8 Women Dream with the goal to become a successful International artist. Recently,  I  felt like my dream was drifting further away. With my impending birthday this week, I began to be revisited by old […]

Little Known Ways to Enjoy a Dream Success

Drum roll please . . . after finally getting out of my own way and letting go of perfection, one of my multiple streams of income, For Your Adornment Couture Jewelry launched at This week I was able to work out the bugs in the cart that were causing the late night scratching of […]