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Who Else Needs Time and Money

This last day of April comes with some confession and focus. Focus #1: I am quickly working on my products on line. Confession #1: I am working under stress to have something totally cool to announce at our upcoming meeting in a few days. Last week I was lamenting about the perils of creativity and […]

The Ultimate Guide To Getting Through A Dream Plateau

There’s no set step-by-step process that will help you recover when you hit a plateau on your way towards dream fulfillment. Obstacles and stalls are part of the process, and it’s up to your ambition, desire, and commitment to push you past the dream plateau and hopefully push through to a new life of dream […]

How I Have I Can Do It Things

This may sound really silly, but I have a collection of things I keep around to remind myself that “I Can Do It!”  They truly help.  Here’s a sampling: Old, worn out pair of riding boots.  My past trainer, Kathy Meyer, gave these to me.  She wore them when she rode competitively.  I ride in […]

Myth: Carry on Luggage

The last time we flew, we noticed that people were carrying their luggage on the plane. One carry-on and one extra tote bag or back pack. I thought that would be so much easier than going through baggage claim. So I’ve been researching the luggage to see what the size and weight has to be. […]

Dreamers: What Is Most Important To You Today

Here’s this week’s inspirational message from Anthony Robbins. He addresses the reasons why we don’t succeed by looking at what is most important, and when we don’t look at this too, we set ourselves up to fail: Live an Extraordinary Life by Anthony/Tony Robbins What are your three pillars?  Do you have them in place?  […]

Have Lofty Goals You Can Be Proud of

Another week has flown by and I definitely did not get enough time to paint. I did manage to paint my  picket fence yesterday afternoon after teaching, but it was a poor substitute.  Friday was spent judging a local art show.  I received a call in February asking if I would be one of two […]

Warning: I’m Sweating Out The Dream Organization Ideas

Spring.  Baby deer in the yard, wild turkey walking through. Temperatures above 90 degrees. My face has melted into my chest. I’ve always associated a lack of organization with creative people, and have accepted my junk as part of the process. Piles on my desk, filing cabinet, bead magazines teetering off my beading table. My […]

Who Else Lives A Bold Life

As someone attempting to motivate others, I am often asked how do I stay motivated and on my own path.  I read a lot, watch videos and listen to some great CD’s.  I find motivation in nature and great music.  But when I really feel stuck, I go look for fellow bloggers who like to […]

What Do You Do When Your Dream Moxie Is Gone?

We were on vacation last week so I didn’t ride my horse. This gave me some time to think about my dream of becoming an accomplished equestrian. I began to wonder, “Where did my riding moxie go?” I used to have “riding moxie“. And, “When did it leave?” I thought that maybe by examining those […]