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What To Do When The Writing Bug Hits

I was sitting in a restaurant with my husband when I was overcome with the need for a pen. I didn’t just want a pen; I needed this pen like I needed to breathe. My blood rushed through me at lightning speed causing my scalp to tingle and, OKAY, okay I don’t really know what […]

How To Overcome My Fear of Flying

As I am researching flights for N.Y., I feel some unwanted butterflies stirring in my stomach. The bad kind of butterflies, not the good kind. Maybe I should call them moths;) I remember that I hate flying. Anxiety always hits me the night before a flight, continues during the drive to the airport, stays through […]

Double The Agony Double The Ecstasy

I received another rejection letter. So instead of crying silently, I am kvetching (Yiddish for complaining) to the world.  It is the third event this year I applied to and have been rejected from. I keep hoping this process gets easier but so far is has not.  It is painful in more than one way. […]

How A Movie Changed My Perception Of Following Our Dreams

This week a few of us eight women attended a movie premiere of Who Does She Think She Is, a documentary which explores how women often make difficult choices between Mothering or working; between a child’s well being or our own own; and between responsibility or self expression.  This wonderful film by Academy Award winning […]

Are You Preventing Your Dream From Fear

As I travel to study my dream of learning glass blowing I realize that this may be the first time I have embarked on a journey with the life experience to back it up. Years ago I did boot camp and the US Coast Guard.  It was one of my most difficult experiences yet it […]

Clear Your Dream Clutter: 5 Tips on How To Put Everything In Its Place

  Anyone who knows me, has been to my home, knows that being organized is is not my normal state of being. My piles, stacks and groups of things are barely controlled chaos. But your dreams need organization in order for you to succeed. Thus for my jewelry business launch I ordered and received my […]

Who Else Wants To Take A Dream Ride

In one of his writings, Craig Lock discusses the fifteen dynamic principles needed to make our dreams come true, the forth one says, “Work on your motivation daily. Allow your Dream to be at the fore-front of your life, the “core of your being”. It will motivate, inspire and energize you by giving you a […]

Writing Dreams and Stephen King

Part of my dream to become a writer of horror and science fiction involves research. We need to read and research authors in our genre to help us become better writers. My latest book is On Writing by Stephen King. On Writing is an autobiography and writing guide that covers King’s experiences as a writer. […]

How To Keep Positive When Working On A Dream

To all of those younger women in their twenties or early thirties, DON’T GAIN WEIGHT! And if you need to lose it, DO IT NOW! It’s true what they say after you turn 40. It’s a bitch to get off. The last time I tried to lose weight was 3 years ago before I turned […]