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Do You Love Your Dreams Like Leo Buscaglia

From all of us. Eight Women Dream We keep a library of inspirational videos to help any of us who feel lost with our dream/life/hope on our Inspirational page. (Eight Women Dream is a dream project group founded by Catherine Hughes.  The goal is for each participant to attempt to accomplish one long – held […]

Here’s A Quick Way To Meet Deadlines

I do best with deadlines. It took me a long time of my adult life to realize and accept this. I started to admit this to my good friends several years ago. Just ask any of my friends on my strategy for unpacking after a move and you’ll get the idea. (P.S. plan a housewarming […]

How Do I Become A Published Writer

On starting my dream of writing a book – how do I get to the beginning? I feel like am standing before that sign with the map.  You know, that one with the giant ‘YOU ARE HERE’ next to the big red arrow pointing to a marked spot. Unfortunately this is the map of my dream and […]

How To Become A Popular Blogger

This was the week I picked to move my dream forward.  It rained kittens – like I said it could.  The weather didn’t dampen my spirits or determination.  Tuesday I attended my first Toastmasters meeting. Upon arrival, I almost slipped and fell in the parking lot.  I then entered the wrong building, so by the […]

Enjoy Fear And Loafing While Attempting Your Dream

When you work 60+ hours a week, there is a fine line between taking a break, and loafing around. Once I get in the groove of mellowing out, it takes a freight train to get me back on track. I took a whole 2 days off from being in front of the computer, and now […]

Mixing eCommerce Dreams, A Teenager and Valentines Day

I have discovered another benefit of this dream to build a jewelry business as part of my multiple streams of income dream is the ability to fulfill a request my son had this week to make him a necklace. For his girlfriend . . . for Valentine’s Day . . . MY 14 year old […]

Moving Furniture To Open Space For Dreaming

Earlier today I began moving the furniture in my bedroom. I do this every couple of years to change my perspective. I throw out anything I haven’t used in a year, or anything that make me feel bad. It’s my way of feng-shuing my life while working on my dreams. It’s a butt-kicker of a […]