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Do You Love Your Dreams Like Leo Buscaglia

From all of us. Eight Women Dream We keep a library of inspirational videos to help any of us who feel lost with our dream/life/hope on our Inspirational page. (Eight Women Dream is a dream project group founded by Catherine Hughes.  The goal is for each participant to attempt to accomplish one long – held […]

Here’s A Quick Way To Meet Deadlines

I do best with deadlines. It took me a long time of my adult life to realize and accept this. I started to admit this to my good friends several years ago. Just ask any of my friends on my strategy for unpacking after a move and you’ll get the idea. (P.S. plan a housewarming […]

How Do I Become A Published Writer

On starting my dream of writing a book – how do I get to the beginning? I feel like am standing before that sign with the map.  You know, that one with the giant ‘YOU ARE HERE’ next to the big red arrow pointing to a marked spot. Unfortunately this is the map of my dream and […]

How To Become A Popular Blogger

This was the week I picked to move my dream forward.  It rained kittens – like I said it could.  The weather didn’t dampen my spirits or determination.  Tuesday I attended my first Toastmasters meeting. Upon arrival, I almost slipped and fell in the parking lot.  I then entered the wrong building, so by the […]

Enjoy Fear And Loafing While Attempting Your Dream

When you work 60+ hours a week, there is a fine line between taking a break, and loafing around. Once I get in the groove of mellowing out, it takes a freight train to get me back on track. I took a whole 2 days off from being in front of the computer, and now […]

Mixing eCommerce Dreams, A Teenager and Valentines Day

I have discovered another benefit of this dream to build a jewelry business as part of my multiple streams of income dream is the ability to fulfill a request my son had this week to make him a necklace. For his girlfriend . . . for Valentine’s Day . . . MY 14 year old […]

Moving Furniture To Open Space For Dreaming

Earlier today I began moving the furniture in my bedroom. I do this every couple of years to change my perspective. I throw out anything I haven’t used in a year, or anything that make me feel bad. It’s my way of feng-shuing my life while working on my dreams. It’s a butt-kicker of a […]

Now You Can See What The Survey Says

I was so busy making time to create, I kinda forgot the whole getting -my -$hit -together aspect of this dream of mine! I am putting the sparklies down and backing away from the table. . . So now to choosing the look of the cart for my eCommerce jewelry website. There is a programming/development […]

How To Experience Superbowls and Super Comebacks

As I write this post John Madden’s voice is shouting from my living room, something about people “slashing” or “clashing”  in only the way Madden can get excited about football. It’s Super Bowl 43.  I used to be a big 49r fan.  It’s faded over the years as the team I loved changed to represent […]