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Who Else Wants A New Era And New Dreams

We open ourselves to dreams, asking for magic and the results are completely unexpected.
I asked for Tibet, India and first I got glass blowing!

What To Say When Pushing Maximum Density

Has anyone else noticed that the first month of 2009 is almost gone? I remember being warned that time goes really fast as you get older. I think I was about 22 at the time. I think that time runs the same being a universal constant and all that jazz, but we have the uncanny […]

How Do You Get Passion For Your Dreams?

We got a little bit of Broadway last weekend. We saw Forever Tango. It was great. I sat there and watched and I wondered…what is it like to have a dream like that? I see the musicians, (who I enjoyed more than the dancers) some of them looking like they’re pushing 70, all playing with […]

How To Dream Against All Odds

I am sometimes disconcerted by how quickly time passes.  Yesterday I am in college, then *blink* I am 48 years old.  Yesterday my son is cooing in my arms, then *blink* he’s asking me to drop him and his teenage friends off at the movies. I was lost for far too many years searching for […]

Vision Boards: How To Create A Dream Board

How to make a vision board at home with just a few supplies like a piece of paper, a glue stick, scissors, some magazines or the ability to print images from the Internet, and space to play.

Like Sara Jessica Parker I Choose New York

A few people have asked me why my dream is to travel to New York City. They’ve wondered why not somewhere more tropical, or exotic, or another country. I think I was looking for excitement and adventure, somewhere far away but not too far from California due to the fact that my youngest daughter and […]

How I Stay On Track With My Dream

Just being open to the idea of change is a big step for many. For me, once I formulated the idea of my dream I decided to remove my focus from any major thought which brings up fear, worry, concern, anxiety, stress etc and keep it off by flipping my brain chatter to something I […]

How I Deal With Deep Thoughts

For anyone who has done any type of deep personal work, you can understand the level of exhaustion that comes with it. Sure, realizing where my patterns come from and why I make decisions and choices is great… what is even better is learning the way to change it. I did something entirely new for […]

Who Else Wants To Think That Any Dream Is Possible?

I am trying to love what is in my life right now and not get too caught up in all the possible tomorrows that float around in my mind while I drift off to sleep at night. There is a part of me that fears if anyone knew the ache that comes up in my […]