How To Comment Using Disqus on 8 Women Dream

Last updated on January 18, 2015

Are you looking to leave a comment on one of your favorite posts on 8 Women Dream but aren’t sure exactly how to do this?

At the bottom of the page where you are reading and would like to leave a comment, there is is a comment section that looks like this —

How To Comment Using Disqus on 8 Women Dream: Disqus comment boxYou have 2 choices here:

1. Just begin typing your comment in the comment box, or

2. Log into Disqus (if you have a Disqus account – but you don’t need a Disqus account to comment on 8 Women Dream).

Just type your comment in the comment box and click on the “Post As” button on the lower right when you are done.  A Disqus pop up window will appear offering you a variety of ways to comment on 8 Women Dream.

How To Comment Using Disqus on 8 Women Dream: Disquis as guestYou can comment without registering simply by entering an email address and whatever name you’d like and click on the “Post Comment” button.

Your comment should appear immediately and the window will close.

That’s all you need to do to post a comment on 8WD.

Of course you can use any of your other social accounts, like Facebook or Twitter to comment on 8 Women Dream. And to use those you just click on the name in the left sidebar of the Disqus pop up window.

If you register with Disqus and log in with their service you can comment on sites throughout the Internet that support the Disqus commenting system and having a Disqus account allows you to edit your comments after they have been published.

To learn more about Disqus, visit their website by clicking here.

(If you comment doesn’t appear right away then the system thinks it is spam for some reason and the admin will release the comment on the same day it was left).

You can also comment on posts using Facebook like:

Give us your thoughts!


Be aware that the Facebook comment interface comes with the “Also Post on Facebook” box turned on, so be sure to uncheck it if you don’t want to share it in your own Facebook Stream.


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