Is Your Dream to Travel by Yacht like Beyonce?

Have you ever dreamed of traveling by yacht or sail around a tropical island? Gone are the days where travel dreamers have to envy the likes of Beyoncė, who spends her summer on glamorous yachts in St Tropez, Ibiza and Sardinia. What seems like super expensive holidays can now be enjoyed by everyone. has […]

Rescue Women Around the World with a Rescue Gift for Mother’s Day

Is your dream to travel the world, but right now in your life you are not able to achieve this dream, either because you don’t have the time, the resources, or have other obligations that stand in the way? Do you long to change the life of a child, help a mother in need, or […]

Remembering Nepal Before the Quake

When your dream of becoming a world traveler comes true and you’ve wandered the world a few times visiting amazing places you only imagined in your mind’s eye, you’ll find that you become attached to many of the people and certain special places you’ve trekked. This week, my heart goes out to Nepal, one of […]

8 Ways to Find Your Dream Park During National Park Week

Besides the Seven Wonders of the World and UNESCO World Heritage sites, visiting the U.S. National Parks is at the top of many travel dreamer’s bucket lists. This is especially true for women who love to be outdoors hiking, mountain climbing, fishing and rafting. To honor the National Park experience, this coming week is National […]

Do You Have a Germany Bucket List as a Travel Dream Destination?

This week, the General Assembly of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) voted in favor of Hamburg, Germany as the official German nominee for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The north German city of Hamburg prevailed over the city of Berlin and aims to present games with short distances, on the water and in […]

8 Women Memorials to Visit on International Women’s Day

Part of my traveling dream allows me to visit many locations that honor the sacrifices of others.  They are typically solemn places of reflection.  In honor of International Women’s Day I am showcasing 8 memorials dedicated to women that you should add to your dream travel bucket list. In 1909, the United States observed the […]

Volunteer Travel Abroad as a Way to Make Your World Travel Dreams a Reality

Have you thought about volunteer travel abroad as a way to make your world travel dreams come true? I have been thinking about the topic since the Ethical Tourism Conference in February, which was organised by the charity, Tourism Concern who advocates for ethical tourism throughout the world. Tourism Concern is famous for their stand […]