6 Tips to Turn Overwhelmed into Empowered

  An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Overcoming That Overwhelmed Feeling Women live lives that are busier than ever. When you work from home as a writer or other creative endeavor, there are additional tasks that aren’t easily pushed aside. Unlike women who work outside the home, you don’t have the luxury of turning the lights off, […]

Finding Inspiration: My Favorite Websites

    Where I Find Mid-life Inspiration This venture into reclaiming my life after a mid-life divorce has been challenging in so many ways. Whether it’s my personal life, my work (writing) life, or learning the myriad of things needed to take care of  and remodel a 100-year old house by myself – one thing […]

22 Tips for Making Writing a Priority

Learning to Make Writing a Priority When I first started writing, I listened to many, many authors interviews. NPR’s Author Interviews had in-depth chats with well-known authors. I subscribed to The Writer magazine and Writer’s Digest. I devoured articles and books. I listened to audio’s and watched video’s. I loved hearing how each author “made […]

This Old House: a Year of Projects

June 1st marked an anniversary of sorts. It’s the date I moved into my “new” house, one year ago. As the date approached, I tried to think of what I’d accomplished in the last year. And to be honest, I couldn’t come up with much. Though the projects seemed never-ending, I couldn’t point at a […]

Home Alone: Becoming Independent After Divorce

    I’ve been divorced for nearly a year. I bought and moved into my house about the same time. When I look back just five or so years, it’s astonishing how life has changed. And it’s not all related to the divorce. Five years ago, my two sons were still living at home; ages […]

The Quiet Mission of a True Hero

What a Hero is Not We live in a society where the loud and boisterous are rewarded and the quiet are marginalized. From the classroom where the extrovert child jumps at the chance to tell the teacher what he knows, to the boardroom, where the most vocal are given a stage to loudly thrust their […]

Sorry – Why Women Need to Stop Apologizing!

“I’m sorry.” It’s such a heartfelt couple of words. You hurt someone’s feelings? “I’m sorry” can soothe the hurt. Your friend is going through a painful divorce? “I’m sorry” can ease the pain. Your BFF falls and breaks her wrist? “I’m sorry” shows her your concern. “I’m Sorry” is a Bad Habit But there’s a […]