Cyndi Lauper’s Message of Empowerment Sharing Her Life with Psoriasis

When women think of self-esteem and loving themselves where they are right now, they often look at celebrities and models and judge themselves accordingly–never thinking that what is being shown on TV and in the magazines is not telling the entire story.  I dream of a world where women get over these comparisons and begin to care for […]

Unexpected Blessings

Sometimes our dream journey takes a nose dive. And your dream compass needs to be reset. I’ve had a rough week. One of my hardest in a long time. And as the universe always does when I start to question myself, I got affirmations and unexpected blessings from two places. The very best way to […]

Dreaming of a Fashion Show

My friend and colleague Beth Bell is the beauty, brains, and talent behind Carolina Bell Designs. And she’s been dreaming of a fashion show for many years. Most of us here blog about how we go after our dreams, how we traverse the speed bumps, and how we stay focused. But every once in awhile […]

Passion Planner for Dreamers

One of the harder aspects of following your dreams is staying organized with the nitty gritty work involved. You have new skills to learn, new habits to form, small goals, big goals, and milestones you’ll want to document along the way. Previously I’ve kept a hodge podge of journals, notes on my phone, emails, and […]

Functioning on a glass half empty

Most days I try to be a glass half full girl. I think we all hope to be that way. From self-esteem to body image to counting our blessings, we try to focus on the good. But everyone hits a period where you’re functioning on a glass half empty. Your to do list vastly eclipses […]

It’s Ok To Be A Hot Mess

One of the upsides to blogging is taking a challenging situation and turning it into good. Gleaning gems of lessons from mounds of ash. That can also be the flip side of blogging. The second you blog about looking on the bright side or feeling like you’ve handled something is the very second the universe […]

Self-Esteem Girl Crush

Every woman that walks through our studio doors has a secret (or not so secret) part of herself that she automatically criticizes. My job is to drown those thoughts out long enough to have a blast taking pictures. We don’t just do makeovers with hair and makeup. We try to makeover how you talk to […]

Self-esteem self-defense

How many times have you needed self-esteem self-defense? How many times has someone been abusive and you couldn’t think of a way to communicate how they made you feel until AFTER it was over? How many times has a toxic person’s words affected you long after the words have left their lips? How much of […]

Taking a creative break

Sometimes the words don’t come. As a writer and a visual artist when I get super busy with work I have trouble making the creative juices flow. So I took a creative break and photographed the fleeting dogwood blossoms of North Carolina. I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked. Client work […]